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Travelocity Miami Vacation Package Starting at $247

Friday, July 31st, 2009

travelocityIf you feel like basking in the sun, enjoying some water sports and the bustling nightlife a summer hotspot like Miami can provide you with, we’ve tracked down an amazing vacation package deal that will help you organize an easy, cost-effective escape brought to you by Travelocity.

More precisely, their promotion refers to a three-night vacation package in Miami including roundtrip airfare and accommodation as well as additional taxes and fees and featuring a starting price of $296. There are three departure cities participating at the promotion and for each one the price is different. Hence, whereas if you fly from Chicago the rate is worth $296, the tourists departing from Los Angeles will have to pay a slightly higher rate of $474. Things get better for the tourists that take the plane from New York to Miami and since the price starts at $247, they are sure to grab a bargain. In conclusion, kick off the summer travel season and take advantage of these sale prices. Provided you believe this deal is worth perusing, visit Travelocity’s Vacation Packages Page.

Holiday Inn Free Extra Night in the Caribbean

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

holiday-innFeaturing year-round excellent weather, white powdery sand beaches, palm trees, azure water and refreshing cocktails, the Caribbean islands are a high-end destination that everybody dreams about. And as if that wasn’t alluring enough, the managers of the hotels dotting this summer paradise are constantly coming up with all these amazing offers destined to lure the tourists into a vacation…or a larger one.

Actually, the latest offer posted by Holiday Inn is based on the same idea. They provide you with a free night at different hotels in the Caribbean if you book a staying of at least three to five days, depending on the location. More exactly, the hotels at Ponce, Mayaguez, or San Juan, Puerto Rico require a minimum three nights staying in order for you to get a free one, while at the locations in Aruba or St. Thomas you have to spend four nights to take advantage of the aforementioned amazing promotion. Moreover, in Montego Bay and Jamaica your vacation has to number five nights so that you can catch the deal. If interested in making a reservation or get further details, visit Holiday Inn’s Page.

Expedia 4-Nights Mexico Cruise Deal Starting at $279

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

expedia-cruise-dealMore and more tourists choose to spend their summer holiday in a resort in Cabo San Lucas dotting Mexico and featuring exclusive hotels, spas, a bustling night-life and pristine golden beaches. Now, if you find a trip to one of the high-end resorts in the Mexican peninsula tempting, why not spoiling yourself with the amenities provided by a cruise that will also bring you to this destination? Contrary to what one might think such a cruise will not have you pay a bundle, especially if you catch the deal put forward by Expedia.

More exactly, Expedia has recently posted a hot deal referring to a 4-night Mexico cruise with San Diego roundtrip with an attractive price of $279 per person for an inside cabin, with the ship Carnival departing from San Diego at the beginning of October. While the price for a cabin overlooking an ocean view starts at $299, the more luxurious suite is worth $659 per person. The same company launched another promotion with prices starting at $359 per person for an inside cabin on the cruise with the same destination, but departing on September, 3. If interested in taking a cruise to this Mexican hotspot, visit Expedia’s Cruises Page and get further details on these offers.

Alamo Hot Car Rental Deals

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

When planning to travel on a budget, you should grab every bargain available, starting with the means of transportation you intend to use and finishing with the hotel room you’re about to book. Therefore, this summer consider reaching your holiday destination by car as Alamo is pumping up attractive promotions and you can enjoy your sun-drenched vacation without a sizeable effect on your bank account.

Thus, take advantage of the $15 discount off your 3-day weekend rate and reserve a Compact through Luxury Car, Minivan, SUV or Convertible by simply using the coupon code “AD6969JDA”. However, there are two additional conditions you have to fulfill: rent the car on Thursday and bring it back Monday Morning and keep it during Saturday night.

Furthermore, it is very profitable to pre-pay for your Alamo rentals because you can now take 10% off your entire rental price. Just book your car at least one day in advance and save some money! Provided these offers managed to arouse your interest, visit Alamo Hot Deal’s Page.

United’s Late Summer Deals

Monday, July 27th, 2009

united-logoEurope beckons the tourists with history-soaked cities harboring overwhelming buildings, monuments landscapes and refined restaurants. So there’s no wonder the Old Continent draws many tourists all year round. If this summer you want to make one of the cities dotting Europe your travel destination, here’s how you can get there cheaper. Take advantage of United’s latest promotion featuring discounted fares for international flights landing in Europe in Frankfurt, Zurich and Geneva and you’ll save a mint.

The offer is quite attractive and if you fly from Denver, CO to Frankfurt, Germany the prices start at $440 for a roundtrip. When travelling on the route Los Angeles, CA – Zurich, Switzerland a ticket roundtrip is slightly more expensive being worth around $574.  As for the flights departing from San Francisco, CA to Geneva, Switzerland you’ll have to pay around $582 for a roundtrip. Note this promotion is valid from September 1 through October 26 and you’ll have to book your seat (s) 7 days in advance. If you think this offer is worth a look in further detail, visit United’s Special Deals Page.

Costa Rica 7-Night Vacation Package Starting at $459

Friday, July 24th, 2009

orbitz-logoCosta Rica is praised for its spectacular natural scenery dotted by active volcanoes, sun-kissed beaches, tropical forests and mountain peaks. Hence, the tourists have the possibility to choose from a varied range of activities such as fishing, hiking and surfing.

Moreover, this summer you can make Costa Rica your holiday destination without a sizeable effect on your bank account. Grab Orbitz’s hot deal featuring a 7-night vacation package including roundtrip airfare and accommodation and you can get there in no time! More precisely, the price for this vacation package depends on the departure city. Therefore, for those of you flying from Chicago the price starts at $ 459 while from Los Angeles this vacation package is worth $497 and from New York $464. Best of all, the traveler doesn’t have to pay additional taxes and fees for the airfare or the hotel. Still, the single travelers are required to pay some extra charges.

If we managed to pique your curiosity and you’re interested in booking a vacation package for Costa Rica, visit Orbitz’ Vacation Packages’ Page for further details.

Doubletree Hotels’ New Deal: Free Breakfast for Your Family

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Since summer is probably the best time to travel, everyone makes vacation plans and often far in advance. Best of all, promotions and discounts seem to be everywhere: on the web sites featuring price comparison engines, in the travel agencies’ catalogs, in your inbox and even in the local newspaper.  However, only by catching the best deal you can enjoy some facilities and not pay a king’s ransom. And that’s where we step in. We’ve tracked down a great deal put forward by Doubletree hotels that will help you save some extra bucks for travel gifts or personal amusement.

More exactly, Doubletree Hotels’ Sweet Summer Deal features a free breakfast buffet for you and your family, meaning two adults and two children under the age of 18. The offer is valid every morning of your staying provided you book a deluxe guestroom through September 1. You can also take advantage of a complementary promotion which refers to a free lunch and dinner for your children if each of the parents has purchased one.

Grab this deal and you’ll definitely travel on full stomach! For further reference visit Doubletree Hotels’ Specials&Packages.

America Vacation Center’s 7-Night Europe Cruise Starting at $999

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

During this summer, the travel agencies, the flying companies and overall everyone in the tourism industry comes up with these amazing deals in order to lure the travelers, who have become lately a tad savvy given the world recession, into a vacation. America’s Vacation Center makes no exception. For example, they have recently pumped up a new round of promotions and discounts regarding the cruises.

As a result, a 7-night  Europe cruise with Barcelona roundtrip and featuring an itinerary that includes vibrant cities like Cannes, Portoferraio, Livorno, Naples and Rome starts at $999, if you decide to take the cruise on September 19 and to travel with an elegant Celebrity ship. A cabin overlooking the ocean is worth $1399 while for a luxurious suite the price is $2099. Moreover, you can also catch some additional promotions and receive up to $100 Shipboard Credit.

However, in order to make some impressive savings you can wait until the end of the year since the company will lower the bar on prices and for the same cruise you’ll pay only $595 for an interior cabin. If these offers arouse your interest, visit America Vacation Center’s Cruises Page.

Hertz Profitable Car Rental Deals

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

hertz-rentacarHertz’s latest summer promotions are surely to pay off. Therefore, provided you intend to reach your holiday destination by car, take a glance at the car bargains put forward by this company and make some impressive savings.

First of all, the weekly rental deal offered by Hertz’s is definitely a win since you can save $35 on an economy or higher rental by simply making use of the promo code “128844”. Secondly, for the weekend airport rentals a discount of 50% is provided starting with economy through full size cars. In order to take advantage of this promotion you are required to keep the car for at least two days and to use the promo code “104182”. Thirdly, it is profitable to book a monthly rental as well because a reduction of $50 is offered for an economy or a larger car when making use of the promo code “112416”.

All of these three offers are valid through September, 30 so visit Hertz’ Special Offers Page get further details and then grab a bargain!

JetBlue’s Late Summer Sale Fares

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Jet BlueOnce you’ve decided upon your summer holiday destination, the hardest part is yet to come.  Where to stay? What to do? And more importantly, how to get there? Well, no worries on that front! In order to save you the trouble of searching for the hottest airfare deal, we countdown the new sale fares offered by JetBlue and featuring summer hotspots such as Bermuda or Bahamas.

More exactly, with Jet Blue’s latest promotion the fares for the flights departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Nassau Bahamas start at $29 one-way or $58 round-trip. While if you’re flying from New York City to Hamilton, Bermuda, the prices start at $238 round-trip. However, these fares do not include the additional taxes and fees. This promotion is available from September 1 until the last day of the month. There are also other conditions that you have to fulfill in order to catch this deal. For example it is required to purchase the ticket(s) with 7 to 14 days in advance. Therefore, for further reference, visit JetBlue’s Travel Deals Page.

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