Delta Airlines specials starting at $51

delta-airfare-dealDelta Airlines has decided to extend the New Year Special offers until the 7th of January. Booking a Delta flight before this date can help you make some serious savings, especially now that winter holidays have emptied out pockets. If you’re planning to fly within the US before March 11, don’t hesitate to take a look at these offers. You could get off really cheap and end up paying only $51 for a round-trip flight from Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT. Other discounted routes include NYC-Chicago ($71), Los Angeles-Salt Lake City ($93) and Atlanta-Denver ($156).

If you are aiming a bit higher (of further) and are willing to do some serious traveling, Delta has prepared some Europe deals as well (all the mentioned airfare deals are listed on Delta’s Deals&Offers page). Thus, for a flight departing New York and landing in some big European capitals like London, Berlin or Madrid, you’ll pay between $229 and $349 round-trip. This offer is valid till January 11, 2010 and applies to 10 European destinations.

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6 Responses to “Delta Airlines specials starting at $51”

  1. Erato says:

    @ Hussain shah: Try Travelgrove’s cheap flights to New York City page.

    It contains the best offers that users found on Travelgrove.
    Also if you give me your departure I can look for a targeted deal matching your search details.
    Good luck!

  2. Erato says:

    @ Steve Kuehn M.D.: Check Travelgrove’s page of cheap flights from Salt lake City to London.
    This contains the best offers that users found at Travelgrove. Best offer I could find was $650 roundtrip flying with Northwest Airlines (the same offer is also available at Delta), arriving to London Heathrow and having a stop in Atlanta.
    You should also check the page because these are the best historical offers and may be expired.

  3. Erato says:

    @ Montez Goins: Travelgrove has some good offers. You should check Travelgrove’s cheap flights to Portland page from time to time because prices are always changing, you may never know when do you find something really good. I suggest you to book your tickets 6-7 months before the date of the flight, the sooner you book the cheaper you get it.
    The best offer is an Alaska Airline flight by JetCombo, departing from Austin Bergstrom airport (AUS) and arriving to Portland Intl (PDX) and costs $250 per person.

    Also, you should book your packages right with the airline company, it’s more advantageous that way.

  4. Steve Kuehn M.D. says:

    I want to go to London in feb or march. I will be leaving saltlake city, utah and arriving in London. I need to get an appointment with the LMC before I can book my rates. You can reach me via email above or at 801-738=0320. sincerely, steve.
    ps I am poor so I need good rates

  5. Hussain shah says:

    I would like to book a ticket for New York (JFK) on 19th February, 2010.

  6. Montez Goins says:

    Looking for air fare for app. 13 persons(2 of which ar Srs.,2 children) from Austin Texas to Portland Oregon around December 20, 2010. would be interested in pak. if available

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