Flights from $49+ Each Way. Limited Time Only!

virgin-americaWant to visit a city in the US that you haven’t seen before? Want to visit friends or family members who live in another city, but your budget has been stretched too thin this past year? Well, now that the holiday season is starting, here are some incredible deals that will help you put your travel plans into action. For a limited time only, you can book tickets to destinations in the US and for only $49 each way! Virgin American flight company is feeling generous after Thanksgiving, so take advantage of this offer! And that’s not all: Mexico flights are also on sale. You can fly to Mexico for fares starting at $199 one way. Catch some sun and get a nice tan before Christmas, visit some Maya ruins or go to Mexico City for November 1 to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in a purely flamboyant Mexican style! The only condition is that you have to book your ticket by Monday, October 18, and you also need to make a 7 day advance purchase. If you want to get the lowest fares, book your flight on Monday through Thursday and on Saturday. So pick your destination from this list, and have an amazing holiday!

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  1. erato says:

    @Lo: You should search Metafares.comfor cheap flights. Enter your search details, choose some of the providers via the checkboxes and then hit search selected.

    I ran a quick search with your parameter and the cheapest flight I found was one provided by Priceline. It’s an Air Tran Airlines flight (flight nr. 891) for $236. It departs from Milwaukee on 4 November at 8:55 PM and arrives to LA at 11:10 PM. Return flight is on 8 November, at 7:30 AM and it arrives to Milwaukee at 1:23 PM.
    Good luck!

  2. Lo says:

    airfare From Milwaukee to LA november 4th to 8th.

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