Flights under $200 with jetBlue, AirTran and Spirit Airlines

… and many more major airlines! Check below some of the best offers we found – they are round-trip, per person, including all taxes and fees except baggage fees:

Spitir Airlines plane

Spirit Airlines PhillipC/Flickr

  • Orange County to Phoenix with US Airways → $200
  • Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale with Spirit Airlines → $118
  • San Diego to Las Vegas with  Spirit Airlines → $127
  • Austin to Fort Worth/Dallas with American Airlines → $129
  • Denver to Albuquerque with Frontier Airlines → $153
  • New York City to Washington, DC with US Airways → $206
  • Boston to Charlotte, NC with AirTran Airways → $167
  • Burbank, CA (near Los Angeles) to Las Vegas with Jetblue → $94
  • Boston to Baltimore with Jetblue → $109

Use the below searchbox to find these flights:

This article was originally posted on December 14 2011 and the deals in it have expired. The above cheap flights were hand picked by our editors on May 2 2012 and valid now, but you should hurry up before these sell out or expire too. If you are fast, you can travel the the largest carriers of the US that are known for their low rates and good service.

Want some fresh domestic flight deals? Check the list below and fly within the United States with major and low cost carriers:

Cheap domestic flights – deal summary

Price: from $86 round-trip (all flights under $200)

Book by: December 18 or 20, 2011

Travel Dates: depends on the airline

Blackout Days: varies by airline

Departure: Los Angeles, Denver, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Boston and more

Destination: Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Buffalo, Las Vegas and more

Airlines: jetBlue, AirTran and Spirit Airlines

Class of service: Economy Class

Check deal at: Metafares comparison search

Taxes and fees: all included


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  1. Alex says:

    Have to fly from Boston to Las Vegas in June. My dates are flexible, but I am on a budget. Can you help?

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  3. [...] Flights under $200 with jetBlue, AirTran and Spirit Airlines [...]

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