Last-minute weekend flights starting at $139

orbitz-logoWhen it comes to budget traveling, advance booking might be the less risky solution, but not necessarily the cheapest. If you want to make somebody a surprise this weekend or just fly out of the city for a short vacation, has prepared some special last-minute deals for you. Depending on your destination and departure/arrival hours, you can book an online roundtrip flight for prices starting at 139$.

The best deal we found so far is the two-way flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas, that you can book for as little as $139. If you want to take a longer flight, like, let’s say, from Philadelphia to Orlando or Houston to Denver, you will have to take around $225 out of your pocket. These rates are available for about 40 US cities and include all taxes (all listed deals are valid for an economy class seat). To see the terms and conditions and a complete list of the departure and arrival destinations included in the offer, visit the fight deals section of

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