Spirit Airlines $46 Round Trip Airfare Deals Now Available

Spirit Airlines have a long lasting tradition in offering us awesome deals, especially for those of you that are part of their famous $9 Fare Club, but this month they’ve truly outdone themselves, offering travellers several summer packs that will leave you drooling. Even if you’re not part of the Spirit Airlines Fare Club, chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find better deals, especially if you’re flying from Spirit’s hometown of Fort Lauderdale, in sunny Florida: their current $23 Each Way ($46 roundtrip) airfares from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas could prove to be the incentive you needed for a quick getaway to the Grand Island.

Other slightly more expensive fares include $58 roundtrips to U.S. connections such as Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta, Boston, Orlando or Tampa. Remember, although these deals stretch out well into September, they only work on specific days of each month. For further reference, check out Spirit’s Sales Page (the middle table is for non Fare Club members).

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4 Responses to “Spirit Airlines $46 Round Trip Airfare Deals Now Available”

  1. tudi says:

    Hi guys, I’m glad you found this offer from Spirit Airlines interesting.

    @Mary Joy Montes: unfortunately spirit’s deal doesn’t cover that flight path. Feel free to use our search engine to look up more cheap deals between Albuquerque and Dallas: http://www.metafares.com

    @Crescencio Vazquez: Hi, as I told Mary Joy Montes above, Spirit’s current deal only covers specific flight paths. Unfortunately yours isn’t on their list, so you’ll have to look up a new deal between Salt Lake and Burban with our search engine: http://www.metafares.com

    @Omprakash: Unfortunately we cannot e-mail you about any deals. We are not affiliated to Spirit Airlines, we run an industry-neutral travel search engine that looks up the best deals on the market. This deal was worth a review on our blog, but you’ll have to contact Spirit Airlines directly if you want to book a ticket with them.


  2. omprakash says:

    i want ticket very chep rate. and you e-mail me. and in the month of octob er or november.
    your service very good its very incredible word for tickets your air.

  3. crescencio vazquez says:

    i need a ticket from salt lake city to burban california

  4. i need a ticket from albuquerque going to dallas

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