Great cost-saving West Coast rentals from Thrifty

thriftyWhen the sunny California or the buzzing Seattle is calling you, resistance is futile. Rather pack a light suitcase and gently take the mouse in your hand: searching for a budget friendly airfare can be quite a demanding job, and things can get even more complicated when it comes to renting a car. Fortunately, Thrifty is here with some pretty decent West Coast specials.
If you go on line at and access their Domestic Deals section, you will notice that there are several offers connected to the West Coast. For a start, renting a  mid-size car from a Northern California location will have you pay around $29.99 per day – provided you will rent it through May 22. Up in Seattle and Portland areas, a compact car costs only $24.99 per day – ad 50% more and you can get a mid-size SUV. In case you want to travel in style, Thrifty lets you drive through Southern California’s blossoming orchards on the front seat of a convertible for only $40 per day.

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