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According to Frommer’s, Curacao is one of the top vacation destinations for 2012. If you want to visit it, here is the opportunity: our deal hunters got you some cheap curacao hotels from $118 per night per room. They have hand-picked and confirmed the below hotel deals, you can also find them by searching in the below search box.

? Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino from $164 p/n
? Plaza Curacao Hotel and Casino from $118 p/n
? American Hotel and Casino from $170 p/n
? Sandton Kura Hulanda Lodge and Beach Club from $250 p/n
? Hyatt Regency Curacao Golf Resort, Spa and Marina from $288 p/n

The featured Cuacao hotels are either 2.5 star or 4 star establishments, suitable for every need. Some also offer extras like free parking, free Wi-fi and so on.

We have found the deals via the above box. Average user selects about 4 merchants while searching, do the same and do not forget to select, that is where we have found the Curacao hotel deals.

Most of the below prices are available throughout September, into early October, perfect for an after season getaway, but such deals sell out quickly, so book now if you want that Curacao vacation.

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Hotel NameRatingCheck-in/
Nightly rateTotal
nightly rate*
Renaissance Curacao Resort****Sep 3 2012
Sep 6 2012
Plaza Curacao Hotel and Casino**1/2Sep 18 2012
Sep 21 2012
American Hotel and Casino**1/2Sep 10 2012
Sep 13 2012
Sandton Kura Hulanda Lodge…****Aug 24 2012
Aug 26 2012
Hyatt Regency Curacao Golf Resort…****Sep 7 2012
Sep 9 2012

*Total nightly rates are per room and include all taxes and fees.

curacao accommodation – DEAL SUMMARY

Price: from $118 per night per room; with taxes and fees

Destination: Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean

Book by:  subject to sellout

Hotel rating: 2.5 or 4 stars

Hotel name: Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino, Plaza Curacao Hotel and Casino and more

Travel dates: from late August to late September

Found on: comparison search box

Provided by:

Taxes and fees: all taxes and fees are included

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