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Budget adventures for the best travel stories

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
International Balloon Fiesta

Balloons at the Fiesta ©Larry and Linda/Flickr

When we hear the term adventure travel, something very dangerous, distant and probably expensive comes to our minds. But adventures do not have to mean jumping into canyons or fighting Komodo dragons. You can take smaller bites of life that bring new excitement and beauty into your life and do all that on a budget.

As you will see in the video, every step you take can lead to a new story. So I have thought of a couple of budget adventures that are exciting and fun and will make the best travel tales. If you have other ideas or have a great travel story to share, please do that in the comment section. (more…)

Must try adventures in Spain

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
Surfing in Mundaka, Spain

Mundaka surfer ©surfglassy/Flickr

Like many other European countries, Spain is a real wonder full of adventures and places to admire. When you are there you must experience as much as possible of this jewel of the Old Continent full of history, culture, amazing food and kind people.

Spain offers lots of adventures, a funny example is the short video about a hamster – yes, a hamster driving a Volvo truck out of a quarry in southern Spain. But even is you cannot do that, you must try some of the other things we have found you, just browse and see what you would like to do the most. (more…)

Panama vacations with jungle tour from $985 pp

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
Gamboa rainforest in Panama

Gamboa rainforest ©Javier Losa/Flickr

Our deal hunters have been working hard to get you the best travel deals of the week. If you are fast, you can book 7 night Panama vacations with a jungle tour in the Gamboa Rainforest plus hotel and land transfers. You may get the Panama getaway from $985 per person, based on double occupancy.

Not up for a jungle adventure in Panama? Go on a casino getaway to Vegas with round-trip flights from $86, visit the Big Apple and stay at The Kitano hotel from $179 per night or sail to Alaska on a 7 nights cruise from $549 per person. Don’t waste any time, these deals may sell out in a glance! (more…)

Must see attractions in Norway for 2013

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
Geirangerfjord, Norway

Geirangerfjord ©vasile23/Flickr

Norway is one of my favorite countries in the world – if that is not too silly to say. It is wild and untamed, beautiful in its scenery and wonderful in its culture. Now if you did not yet add it to your list of this year’s ‘must-visit’ list, allow me to encourage you a little with my own version of must see attractions in Norway for 2013.

Also, let yourself be inspired by the video of the country’s Tourism Board showing amazing landscapes, thrilling adventures and cozy things to do! (more…)

Why it is advantageous to travel solo

Monday, August 29th, 2011
Adventure holidays for singles


Travelling solo has a host of benefits, which can all be exploited on a range of singles holidays. With the many adventures across America waiting to be experienced, travelling alone offers the ultimate freedom. Follow the path you choose with a leading trekking company, in a rare situation where being selfish and doing what you want to do is encouraged.

On activity holidays across America, bus meetings take place every day or two; here, you decide where to go next. On these adventure tours, you will be accompanied by like-minded single travellers and knowledgeable tour guides, providing a wonderful social element to your getaway. Below we discuss in detail what adventure holidays for singles entail and examine their appeal. (more…)

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