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Flight from Chicago to Berlin with Air Berlin

Thursday, November 27th, 2014
Berlin view

Berlin view ©Thomas Quine/Flickr

Europe is beautiful in the spring, life starts to come back to the parks, one can take long walks in the sunny weather among amazing ancient buildings and much more. That is why we brought you this Chicago to Berlin flight for $485 r/t with taxes and fees included. Book the Air Berlin airfare our deal hunters just found and save nearly $200 compared to all other airlines checked. (more…)

Air Berlin flight from Chicago to Vienna

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
Vienna view

Vienna view Syuqor7/Flickr

Europe with its ancient cities with amazing architecture is beautiful in the Winter, plus Austria is full of amazing small towns. So book this freshly discovered Chicago to Vienna flight for $581 r/t including taxes and visit this beautiful country in January. Fly with Air Berlin and get your ticket cheaper than with any other airline. (more…)

Save up to 50% on cheap Abu Dhabi flights

Monday, July 2nd, 2012
Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways ©curimedia/Flickr

Check out the mind-blowing deal our editors found for you: Save up to 50% on airfares to Abu Dhabi, flying with multiple airlines for as low as $431 – see the comparison table of airlines and their prices below.

The given airfare applies to a combined Air Berlin and Lufthansa flight departing from New York City, JFK Airport, for  $431 per person, round-trip,  including all taxes and fees. This flight is $390 cheaper (47,5%) than the next available one, a Gulf Air Bahrain flight for $821.

Even better, despite that Air Berlin is a low cost carrier, the first leg that is sold as Air Berlin flight is actually operated by one of the most luxurious airlines, Etihad Airways in a code-share program. Search for the flight yourself in the below box – since the given offer was found on Travelgrove, don’t forget to check their prices. Hurry, it surely sells out very quickly!


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