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Celuisma Imperial Laguna hotel in Cancun

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
Caluisma Imperial Laguna hotel

Caluisma Imperial Laguna hotel

Due to its proximity to the US and its many affordable resorts and hotels, Mexico is a great destination for any budget. Book the Celuisma Imperial Laguna for $24 per nights and spend a your spring or summer getaway soaking on the amazing beaches of Cancun saving nearly 40% off regular hotel rates.  (more…)

Hidden gems of Ireland you have to see

Friday, June 14th, 2013
Skellig Michael beehive cells of the monks

Skellig Michael ©Arian Zwegers/Flickr

You may have heard about, or even seen the most famous attractions in Ireland, the Ring of Kerry, the Giant’s Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher… The big cities such as Dublin or Belfast have loads of attractions to offer as you can see in the video below, but there is more to see than what you have already heard about.

Ireland is full of hidden gems you have to see if you have the chance. Here are my favorite less known places that are absolutely magical. No traveler should come to the country and not visit some of the below treasures of the Emerald Island.

Top cultural attractions in South Tyrol

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
The Kurhaus in Merano, art Nouveau assembly building

The Kurhaus in Merano Leo-setä/Flickr

The Northern Italian region of South Tyrol is a very special one, it is a tri-lingual area where three nations live together for hundreds of years in peace and prosperity. South-Tirolean culture melted together all the best of Italian, Austrian and Ladin and made it into one very exciting destination.

Imagine when German (Austrian) precision meets the dolce vita lifestyle of the Italians… Are you curious yet? Watch the short video below and you will surely start planning your South Tyrol getaway. But if not, let me push you a little further with the must-see cultural attractions of South Tyrol.


The most Irish attractions in Belfast

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013
Saint Patrick Center in Belfast

Saint Patrick Center ©

Belfast is a wonderful city full of life and colorful events all year long. Fortunately it is also peaceful now so being afraid of the Troubles cannot be an excuse to visit the city. Naturally, when one comes to visit the Northern Irish capital, they want to  experience something typically Irish.

So here I bring you some of the most Irish attractions in Belfast that you must visit, but first watch the video and experience the pulse and diversity of this amazing city, then put it on your list of ‘must-visit places’ and start planning your vacation! (more…)

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