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Overseas flights under $1000 r/t with Lufthansa

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
Lufthansa airplane taking off

Lufthansa plane ©Andrey Belenko/Flickr

Let’s see the top travel deals of this week!  The best deal we have found are overseas flights under $1,000 r/t with Lufthansa to Central and Eastern European cities, prices start from $489 r/t. You must depart by March 31 and return by April 20. A Saturday night stay is required but your stay cannot exceed 1 month – also make sure you fly with Lufthansa on weekdays!

Don’t miss to take a look at the 4 nights Caribbean cruises from $179, Vegas’s Monte Carlo resort from $49 per night, Orlando flights from $80 r/t and lots of other offers. Don’t hesitate, these deals will sell out very quickly! (more…)

Fall Fares: Discount Flights to Europe

Thursday, October 6th, 2011
Lufthansa Aircraft, Airbus A300B4-603


Whenever we think about traveling to Europe the first that comes into our mind is Britain, Italy, France or maybe Germany. You can also find flights to Western Europe more easily. But the Old Lady has got so much more treasures… The Eastern part of the continent is at least as exciting as its – more popular – Western counterpart. Think about Russia, Poland or Ukraine and go explore the secrets of Europe’s Slavic and Baltic cultures with Orbitz‘s set of flights deals.

The variety of cultures, the hospitality of the people, the amazing historical heritage will make you fall in love with that distant part of the world. Book by October 27 and fly with tickets from only $496(more…)

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