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What makes a good hotel room

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013
Guests at a hotel reception asking questions

Hotel reception ©Sergey Vladimirov/Flickr

When you go on a vacation it is essential to find the right accommodation to be able to feel good and relaxed. To do that you need to know what makes a good hotel room, what are the possible downfalls and what do you have to be careful about. It is not enough to pick a good hotel, the location of the room within the establishment is also important.

But if you are aware of certain simple strategies to follow, you can make sure to get the most out of your room and get the best for your money. As you may see in the cute video of Ibis Hotels below, hotels do tend to do a lot to make you feel more comfortable. (more…)

The things we love about Ibis Hotels

Thursday, December 6th, 2012
Ibis Budget hotel

Ibis Budget hotel ©Torsten Maue/Flickr

Ibis hotels is an international hotel company with over 1,800 hotels in in countries all over the world – most still being in Europe with a lot of them in France. The brand is owned by Accor hotels and has got three brands on its own: Ibis, Ibis Style and Ibis Budget.

That may be because they care about a lot of small details of comfort. As you can see in the small video, they are doing everything to make the guests’ sleep as perfect as possible with state of art rooms and beds – can’t even imagine how comfy that can be… So here are some things we love about Ibis Hotels, please let us know about your experiences. (more…)

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