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Round-trip Africa Flights on Sale from $969

Friday, August 26th, 2011
The Great Pyramid in Ghiza

The Great Pyramid

The long waited time of great Fall Sales has arrived, not only in the fashion industry, but in travel also. If you have waited for a good rate for your late summer vacation, your time has come. Did you have something exotic in mind? These Asaptickets fares will get you to one of eleven major African cities from only $969.

From Egypt to South Africa and from Ghana to Tanzania you can choose from a large number of African destinations. Go sightseeing, participate in a real safari tour or get lost while shopping at a bazaar, Africa is full of wanders and things you have never seen before. (more…)

Discount flights to Nairobi, Kenya from $915

Friday, August 5th, 2011
Uhuru Park in Nairobi

Uhuru Park in Nairobi

What do you think about an exotic safari vacation in Kenya for this summer? To go and see such a distant and amazing country, tour the land of the lions, elephants, impalas and all the animals you could only see in a zoo so far. Now you can fly to Nairobi from only $915 per person. Check the rest of the details on Asaptickets.

You can visit the Nairobi National Park right next to the city with a large number of wild animals living in their natural environment. Or you can go on a real safari tour, maybe even stay in on one of the resorts in the wilderness. Just an interesting fact for history lovers, the Nairobi National Museum gives home to the full remains of a real Homo Erectus man named commonly known as the Turkana boy. (more…)

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