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The most Irish attractions in Belfast

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013
Saint Patrick Center in Belfast

Saint Patrick Center ©

Belfast is a wonderful city full of life and colorful events all year long. Fortunately it is also peaceful now so being afraid of the Troubles cannot be an excuse to visit the city. Naturally, when one comes to visit the Northern Irish capital, they want to  experience something typically Irish.

So here I bring you some of the most Irish attractions in Belfast that you must visit, but first watch the video and experience the pulse and diversity of this amazing city, then put it on your list of ‘must-visit places’ and start planning your vacation! (more…)

Top 5 cities to visit in Ireland in 2013

Friday, February 22nd, 2013
Dinosaur petting at the Galway Arts Festival

Dinosaur petting in Galway

Ireland just became even more fun to visit in 2013 as they have initiated The Gathering, a series of great events and festivals all over the island. Naturally, when you think of Ireland, you think of the rocky coast lines, the beautiful green hillsides and the general mystery of the landscape.

However in 2013 you should come to Ireland for the buzzing cultural life, the  thousands of events all over the Emerald Island. Let’s see what are the top 5 cities to visit in Ireland in 2013, where can you soak up the most culture this year. But before that watch the video and let the famous comedian, Andrew Maxwell, show you what to expect from The gathering. (more…)

Enjoy a winter warmer of a Belfast city break

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
Belfast view

Belfast ©Andrew_D_Hurley/Flickr

If you fancy a city break this winter, either to ward off the January blues or unwind ahead of the hectic festive season, the UK has plenty of places to enjoy. Short trips offer plenty of advantages. They take up less of your hard-earned cash and precious leave time than a longer holiday, while leaving you feeling as refreshed and energized as a lengthier break would.

And if it feels like ages since you’ve had the opportunity to spend some time alone with your partner, now could be your chance! Explore Belfast together and enjoy some quality time in each other’s company. (more…)

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