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Cash in on Royal Caribbean Cruises

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Update: Unfortunately the given offer has expired, but check out Travelocity’s current similar promotion called “Cash in on Royal Caribbean Cruises” – Get up to $150 in Onboard Credit by clicking here.

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Royal Caribbean Cruises has made a habit out of dishing out amazing deals that make it very difficult to resist booking a cruise. Especially now, in winter, a cruise in the warm blue waters of a tropical land seem like a dream. But if you have time for a holiday, why not take advantage of Royal Caribbean’s newest offer? In addition to booking a few days on a luxury cruiser and spending a relaxing holiday under the sun, lulled by the sound of the waves, you will also get up to $200 of onboard credit that you can spend at a variety of places on the cruise ship. For example, you can use the credit to get a spa treatment at the ship’s excellent spa, you can use it to book an onshore excursion in one of the ports, or you can have a very special dinner in the ship’s restaurants. And i this is not enough to convince you, take a look at what the Royal Caribbean ships have to offer: 30-foot rock climbing walls,¬† surf simulators, and great dining options. If you want a cruise line that will give you all the best parts of a cruise vacation in one place, choose Royal Caribbean! For more details about dates and booking, please go here.

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