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Escape this summer with a villa holiday

Friday, August 17th, 2012
Mallorca Beach

Mallorca Beach ©hanspoldoja/Flickr

Sunshine-anticipating hysteria hits the UK after a few weeks of early heat every year. The people of Britain naively drag out their barbecues and parasols to expectantly greet the sun, but their hopes are inevitably dashed as the weather disappoints and the rain drenches everything.

Thankfully there’s one simple way to make sure that the sunshine is guaranteed: go on a holiday abroad where the weather’s better.

Fed-up Brits have been taking special note of this tactic this year – buoyed on by the rising pound and the incoming Olympics: foreign currency calculator Caxton FX recently commissioned a YouGov poll that showed a whopping 67% of Brits planned to holiday abroad this year. This exodus is in spite of squeezed household incomes and many government campaigns to encourage Brits to holiday at home. (more…)

Villas in Spain: see the best of Fuerteventura

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012
Fuerteventura beach

Fuerteventura ©michaeltk/Flickr

When it comes to a successful holiday, the failsafe winning formula, more often than not, contains sun, sea and sand. If these are the key ingredients for your dream holiday, than there are several destinations that comfortably meet your criteria, while saving a pretty penny or two.

One such place is the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. A particularly bright jewel in the Canary Island‘s crown, this vibrant area has activities and attractions to suit people of all tastes and persuasions.

Top of the list of enticements are the beaches. Golden and black volcanic sands stretch for miles around this beautiful island, creating a picturesque environment to equal anywhere in the world. (more…)

Tips to finding the best holiday accommodation

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
Villa in Portugal

Villa ©La Malula/Flickr

After selecting the destination, the most important thing which needs to be considered during holiday planning is the accommodation. Hotels, villas, chalets, hostels and camping services are all commonly embraced by the British public during their travels but what factors do you need to consider when looking for holiday accommodation?

There are typically three factors which people consider when deciding where they are going to stay on holiday – quality, location and price. All of these are equally as important as one and can ensure that travellers have the best time whilst on holiday. (more…)

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