Budget adventures for the best travel stories

International Balloon Fiesta

Balloons at the Fiesta ©Larry and Linda/Flickr

When we hear the term adventure travel, something very dangerous, distant and probably expensive comes to our minds. But adventures do not have to mean jumping into canyons or fighting Komodo dragons. You can take smaller bites of life that bring new excitement and beauty into your life and do all that on a budget.

As you will see in the video, every step you take can lead to a new story. So I have thought of a couple of budget adventures that are exciting and fun and will make the best travel tales. If you have other ideas or have a great travel story to share, please do that in the comment section.

Travel stories are born everywhere

No matter where you are, what you are doing or whom you meet, everything is an adventure and can change your life. The best thing about traveling is that you get to know new people and places – basically everything is an adventure.

International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque

The festival held in early October every year is probably one of the best reasons to visit the capital of New Mexico. Thousands of hot air balloons in all colors of the rainbow rise into the air creating a magical sight filling the whole sky. Participants gather from all around the world to fly up with the others and see the world below them get smaller and smaller. If you come, you can see how the teams set up the balloons and may participate in an amazing 3.5 hours ride.

International Balloon Fiesta

Balloons at the Fiesta ©Larry and Linda/Flickr

Visiting Machu Picchu, Peru

Visiting the mysterious abandoned city of the Incas is present on loads of bucket lists worldwide. Up in the Peruvian Andes you can feel part of a long lost world and culture and feel the special energy of the place. This may sound expensive, but with a cheap flight to Peru, a backpack and a little creativity visiting Machu Picchu can be a budget adventure.

View over Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu ©Jared Smith/Flickr

Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Visiting the Volcanoes National Park can truly count as budget travel. The management offers free camping and hiking opportunities for travelers and the rangers also lead walking tours within the park. Just imagine the epic picture of yourself standing next to an active volcano, maybe even watching the flowing lava turn into rock – now that is a travel adventure.

Lava flowing into the ocean at the Hawaii Vulcanoes National Park

Lava flowing into the ocean ©Matt MacGillivray/Flickr

What is your best travel story? Have any ideas of exiting places you can visit on a budget? I am eager to hear about what, in your opinion is a must try adventure.

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  1. Hamish says:

    I went to Ecuador not long ago on a g adventures adventure tour and had a ball, Sadly for me it was only for nine days due to work restrictions but it was a really fun trip and Ecuador is a great place to see. There was a group of nine of us plus a guide and we all got along really well to so I think that made a big difference to the whole thing but as I said Ecuador is a great place lots of fun and adventure and interesting and friendly locals so go there if you can.

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