How to make the most of a trip to Malaga

View about the malaga bull arena and the harbor

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The emergence of Malaga as a top tourist destination is of no surprise when you consider the great climate, beautiful beaches, lively parades and cultural history of the area. The birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga has repeatedly lured travellers to its seaside location with the promise of long, hot summers and the ease of access to the coastal resorts of the Costa del Sol.

Flights to Malaga can often be purchased for a decent price and a holiday to Malaga does not have to prove expensive. However, in order to ensure that you make the most of your Malaga trip there a number of things to consider.

Use Flight Comparison Websites

Using travel comparison websites gives you a greater selection of airlines and flight providers to choose from and may present a few bargains that are difficult to dismiss. They allow you to shop around easily and conveniently, comparing the best holidays providers have to offer.

Plan Your Holiday

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When looking at flights, it is always important to plan the timing of your holiday whilst considering how the time of year will affect your destination. If you’re looking for a quieter holiday at a time when the heat is not so intense, look to off -season periods. If you prefer the hustle and bustle of busy city life and as much sun as you can handle, look at the peak tourist season.

Malaga’s peak tourist season usually runs from June to October: when the weather is hot and incredibly dry. This is when the majority of holidaymakers will take a trip to the sun-kissed shores of southern Spain. Though most of the rain Malaga experiences falls between the months of November and March, it still remains a lovely off-season holiday destination. The temperature never falls too low and lower tourist numbers may mean you have a better chance to explore the region in peace.


The main airport for access to Malaga is the Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport (AGP) which lies roughly five miles outside of Malaga. The airport provides easy access to much of the surrounding area and is heavily used by tourists heading to the region. However, it never hurts to look at other airports in Spain, which may offer a cheaper fare, before travelling to Malaga.


Malaga has a lot to offer any tourist so whether you are interested in the cultural history of the city, prefer relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach or want to partake in a little bit of both, Malaga could prove to be the perfect destination time and time again.

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