Last minute escapes to Europe

English cottage

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Finally, the sun’s decided to make an appearance, which is nice, but what if you’ve decided that you want to escape the madness surrounding the Games and just fancy a week someone peaceful? Have you left it too late and are there any bargains to be had right now?

The good news is yes. If you were on mainland Europe looking to come to the UK, then you might not be so lucky, but because the general flow of travel is into the UK, if you want to head abroad, then you might be in for some bargains. So here are some tips for last minute escapes to Europe.

Realistically, if you’re only looking to go away for a week you want to maximise your time relaxing by the pool, not wasting too long actually travelling. And regardless of where you are heading, the major airports are likely to be heaving. So pull in your search radius closer to home. Obviously the Eurostar is a good option, fast, efficient and once you’re on the mainland, the world’s your oyster as the connecting rail options are endless.

Eurostar train

Eurostar ©jimyharris/Flickr

If you do want to head a bit further afield, the look for departures from some of the smaller airports. Often budget airlines fly from these smaller airports which means cheaper flights and also, more unusual destinations, great for getting away from the summer crowds. Although, if you are travelling with small children, these build your own, budget holidays can’t sometimes be a little difficult as you have to factor in transfers not being included, additional charges for checked luggage and seats not being allocated.

English cottage

English cottage ©jf1234/Flickr

With last minute holidays, it can be tricky to plan and be organised, but travelling in Europe usually means you’ll have good facilities and be able to buy anything you’ve forgotten with relative ease. One thing to definitely remember to sort out before travelling is currency and there are some great currency deals to be had right now. Many online merchants offer free next day delivery, a life saver which means avoiding queues and the terrible rates offered at the airport.

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