Must try adventures in Spain

Surfing in Mundaka, Spain

Mundaka surfer ©surfglassy/Flickr

Like many other European countries, Spain is a real wonder full of adventures and places to admire. When you are there you must experience as much as possible of this jewel of the Old Continent full of history, culture, amazing food and kind people.

Spain offers lots of adventures, a funny example is the short video about a hamster – yes, a hamster driving a Volvo truck out of a quarry in southern Spain. But even is you cannot do that, you must try some of the other things we have found you, just browse and see what you would like to do the most.

Climbing in Andalusia

The Chorro Gorge (in Spanish La Garganta el Chorro) is about 2.5 miles long, 30 feet wide and 1,300 feet deep! It is a magical spot on the Andalusian landscape, perfect for a climbing adventure. Visitors can choose from over 200 climbing routes from easy traces for beginners to steep treks for the more experienced.

The routes have very intriguing names such as Mama wants to be a bullfighter, The policeman stole my Walkman or  Brain Clot… cool hah?

Surfing in Basque Country

Surfing in Mundaka, Spain

Mundaka surfer ©surfglassy/Flickr

In the land of the fiercely independent Basques a traveler can find lots of places to admire. Yet, if you are an big fan of surfing, we definitely recommend you to try the Bay of Biscay (Golfo de Vizcaya). Also, Mundaka draws visitors from all over the world with its 1,000 feet long tubes.

The small island of Izaro has got amazing waves brought by the northwest wind. You can ride the 12 feet tall waves and then arrive back to the white sandy beaches of the island.

Hiking in the Catalan Pyrenees

The Parque Nacional D’Aiguestortes is a 50 square mile national park in the Catalan Pyrenees. On its territory you can find over 50 waterfall and icy stream fed small lakes, two larger glacial valleys, amazing pine forests… it is breathtaking.

But you should definitely get higher towards the 8,000 feet high mountain peaks where you can feel like you are on the top of the world, it’s a magical place!

Rioja Wine Region Biking tour

Rio wine region landscape

Rioja landscape ©Tim Lucas/Flickr

Last but not least here is something that mixes culture with adventure. Take a bicycle tour in the wine country of La Rioja, the most famous one in Spain actually. While you are touring the small roads of the Ebro valley, do not forget to savor some of the fine wine made in the cellars here.



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