Newcomer’s guide to Canada

Montreal night view

Montreal by night ©manumilou/Flickr

This relatively young country that gained independence only in the 20th century and the rules of the country formally still is Queen Elisabeth II of the united Kingdom. A large part of the 33 million inhabitants are immigrants; this makes the culture of Canada a very diversed one.

Canada is the second largest country in the world (almost 386,000 mi2) which also means that it is boasting with a diverse landscape as well as flora and fauna. The fun little video below and our newcomer’s guide to Canada will hopefully get a taste for visiting this wonderful country.

Things to see in Canada

One of the most famous sights is Niagara Falls which is probably the most visited formation in North America. Hundreds of thousands of square meters of water fall down the not so high, but very wide cascade in every minute – it is must for any newcomer.

Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

Peyto Lake in Canada ©Alaskan Dude/Flickr

Canada is also a true paradise for hikers. It is rich in fantastic mountain regions, beaches and huge forests (10% of all the forests on the planet are in Canada). many visitors come the the country to spend a few days or even weeks on those wild lands. Whale watching is another one of the amazing things to do, it is very special to see these huge animals up close, pitching into the water with such noise that it can be heard from miles.

Things to do in Canada

Skiers also love the country because of the high mountains that also hosted the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. Next to the well developed ski slopes, European style resort villages await those who love winter sports or just want to relax. Another popular sport around here is golf, there are plenty of high quality as well as  beautiful golf courses all around Canada.

Montreal night view

Montreal by night ©manumilou/Flickr

If our newcomer in Canada had enough hiking and sports, visit one of the beautiful cities and experience the multicultural whirling so typical to Canadian cities. Do not believe that because there are no thousand year old monuments, cities are not worth visiting. Downtown Montreal is gorgeous and a must see in Canada, Toronto gives home to the famous 553 m high CN Tower. The Parliament in Ottawa is also worth a visit, just like its guards that wear red uniform and bearskin hat.

If you are a newcomer in Canada and have more specific questions not answered in this short Canada guide, let us know in the comment section!

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