Outdoor adventure holidays: essential kit

Water sports

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When it comes to a holiday, few are as rewarding in terms of their physical exertion and excitement, as a vacation spent on an outdoor adventure. Whether you pack your waterproof boots for some epic trekking, or a harness and helmet for some adrenalin pumping climbing, there is always something to get the blood rushing on an adventure holiday.

As they tend to involve somewhat specialist and, often complex and potentially dangerous pursuits, it is essential that you have all the right kit before setting off and heading out.

Watersports holidays

First thing’s first, even if you’re heading somewhere hot, as opposed to braving the British seas, it is highly likely you will need a wetsuit. Of course, most of the popular watersport destinations have a range of outlets from which you can hire suits. A one-off purchase to get your own, however, will probably work out cheaper in the long run rather than having to hire every time you go away.

It is the same with other equipment. For example, if you are a keen and regular surfer, your own board is essential. Not only will this cut down the costs of hiring, it also means you are not constrained by the letting timetable and using the same board every time will allow you to get used to it, rather than having to start over each time you venture out onto the waves.

Additional items you should consider include surf shoes, which can be used for anything from surfing and sailing to rockpooling and kayaking, and rash vests for the warmer weather.


When it comes to climbing holidays, there are 10 commandments in terms of pieces of kit you simply must have, these are: navigation, sun protection, insulation, illumination, first aid supplies, fire, repair kit and tools, nutrition, hydration and finally, emergency shelter.

One climbing motto states that there is ‘no bad weather, only bad clothes’, another mantra that would fit is ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. You can make or break this type of adventure holiday with your choice of equipment. Furthermore, not only do you need the right clothes, you need enough of them.

All your extra garments should be geared towards protecting you from the worst of the elements. Look for synthetic products and definitely leave the jeans at home. You cannot afford to skimp on quality. Look for reputed brands such as Hi Tec, which have a reputation in the industry for providing exactly the right kind of kit.Safety is the other most important issue when climbing. Always ensure you have a repair kit to hand as even the best-laid plans can go awry and you may need to suddenly get a little creative. Exactly the sort of thing you won’t notice until you need it and it’s not there, the minimum your tool kit should have is a knife, duct tape, safety pins, plastic cable ties and a multi-tool.


One of the best and most rewarding ways of exploring the great outdoors is a walking holiday. Again, it’s important that you prepare by purchasing quality products from reputable brands. Hi Tec walking boots are likely to be far more comfortable and effective than cheap imitations. You want a pair with firm soles and a decent amount of ankle support.

Elsewhere in the clothing department, you want a top that wicks away sweat rather than a cotton t-shirt as the base layer, a fleece or warm jumper (plus one spare) and waterproof jacket and trousers. Hats and gloves are also advisable, depending on where you are walking.

Adventure holidays push you to the limit like no other. They are genuinely exciting and often breath-taking, but you should ensure you take the right equipment to make the most of yours.

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