Shopping and entertainment in Hong Kong

Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Nathan Road in Kowloon ©Joop/Flickr

It is fairly simple to travel to Hong Kong as US citizens can stay for up to 90 days in the city without having a visa. So there is nothing standing in the way of your getaway. The city is bright, busy and extremely modern, perfect spot for an urban traveler.

There are plenty of opportunities for shopping and entertainment as you can see in the below video, but you have to know that the city is a posh place, not leaving too much space for bargain hunters – you can of course get lucky sometimes. So here are a few tips about shopping smart.

Fabulous shopping in Hong Kong

How to get around in Hong Kong

If you want to go shopping, public transportation and taxi are probably the best way. Taxis are much cheaper than in major European cities and a great way to find time to get from A to B quickly. Must definitely pay your taxi ride in HKD. Many taxi drivers speak English or at least they can read it. Still, just in case, ask someone from the hotel staff to write down the name of your destination in Chinese characters.

Hong Kong taxis

Hong Kong taxis ©Kevin Poh/Flickr

Hong Kong also has an extensive network of public transportation, with which one can move quickly and conveniently in the city, which has one of the most modern and also cleanest subway systems in the world, with 5 lines transporting the people in 2-4 minute intervals throughout the city promoted. Tickets are available at auto switches where one selects destination and pays for it.

Hong Kong Shopping

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise with regard to the selection – every known fashion brand is represented by a large shop here. Even a trip to some of the big malls is always worthwhile just to marvel at the range of products. The word paradise may not apply to Hong Kong from the viewpoint of prices, because brands and electronic goods are not necessarily cheap.

Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Nathan Road in Kowloon ©Joop/Flickr

Some of the most popular shopping streets are in Kowloon (i.e. the Nathan Road), where you can get lots of brand imitation products, like watches at every corner. However, you can actually get some things for a low price in Hong Kong, like perfumes on the Cameron Road. Just be careful not to be caught up in a costly shopping fever!

As per entertainment, the city has a lot to offer there too – for instance, did you know that there’s a Disneyland in Hong Kong too? So, if this caught your attention, pack your things and start planning your next getaway to this unique city-state. One can find airline tickets to Hong Kong for as low as $618, which is the best current bargain price, but usually a round-trip ticket is under $1,000 from every major departure. One can save even more by booking a vacation package (flight+hotel). Also, do not forget to get an extra suitcase for the things you bought…

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