Thailand – a family friendly destination

Phuket beach sunset

Phuket beach ©kudumomo/Flickr

The country has become a very popular travel destination in the last couple of years because of multiple reasons. The cultural attractions in Thailand are stunning, of course, but the people are extremely friendly, the culture charming and – what is a huge appeal – it is a cheap destination.

Partly because of this, lately Thailand is becoming a well known family friendly holiday destination as well. More and more resorts and venues are specializing in hosting and entertaining families, as you will see in the video. And because Thailand is so different from western cultures it is really not hard to have tons of fun there.

Why choose Thailand

Thailand is definitely one of the most family friendly places in the world. The weather is perfect, it is always warm – though the high travel season is between November and January. There are loads of beautiful and very popular beaches, it provides activities for the whole family – beaches, water sports, exotic markets – even floating markets, some of the best movie theaters in the world and much more.

Floating market in Bangkok

Bangkok floating market ©coolinsights/Flickr

Are you on a budget? The answer is Thailand again, the country is a famous budget travel destination as well, cheap hotels, cheap food and life in general – and it’s still a lot of fun. Probably your Bangkok flight would be the most – and only –  expensive item on your travel expenses list. Also, Thai people love visitors and especially children so you can be comfortable and not worry about general rudeness like in some other countries.

Best destinations for family travel

Naturally, Bangkok, the capital is an amazing place to spend a family vacation. The best time to visit Bangkok late fall and early winter, but one can always find loads of things to do here. The kids would love the city’s largest theme park, the Dream World and your teenagers would love the new Bangkok Art and Culture Center – a very fashionable hang-out place for local students. The weekend night market, the Talad Lot Fai is also a must, it’s a buzzing, exotic market the whole family will love and the after dark setting gives it a special charm.

Phuket beach sunset

Phuket beach sunset ©kudumomo/Flickr

Phuket is also a great choice with family friendly resorts, perfect beaches and loads of attractions. If you have older, very active kids, they will enjoy Railay beach near Krabi. There are loads of opportunities from water sports to climbing, it can be a great family adventure.



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