The best things about Great Britain

Lake District scenary

Lake District landscape Alan Cleaver/ Flickr

There is so much we all love about Great Britain it would be hard to say it all. The history, the culture that was formed through the millenia from different cultures added upon each other layer by layer to form the wonderful country that is Britain today. And so is the green landscape of the island that charm everyone who lays an eye on it.

Now none other than Jamie Oliver invites you to visit Britain and discover all it can offer. Watch the video and read about the best things about Great Britain – at least what I think is best about it, then let me know in the comment section if you agree or not.

The cities of Great Britain

Great Britain has got some of the most cosmopolite cities in all Europe, you can experience the culture of all sorts of peoples from all over the world. It also means that you can find the widest variety of restaurants everywhere. All large cities are buzzing with life and events all year long.

The London Eye from a distance

The London Eye ©kevgibbo/Flickr

London is the first British city you must travel to. The world famous attractions, the variety of cultures, the historical heritage are all the things you must ecperience for yourself. Huge plus for the city that many of the museums are free to visit – the British Museum is an absolute must! The other big cities like York or Manchaster are smaller in scale, but they are no less of a distraction!

Britain’s Countryside

There is nothing quite like Britain’s countryside, the pretty and quite small towns, the cozy stone cottages with ivy running up their walls and the endless green hills and plains… Villages in britain have a very special atmosphere I really enjoy and the landscapes are breathtaking wherever you go – well, nearly.

Lake District scenary

Lake District landscape ©Alan Cleaver/ Flickr

Britain is also blessed with hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline, white sands and raw cliffs, sunny beaches and wild waves running against the rock, you can admire it all. You can find the perfect time and place for sunbathing as well as surfing, jet-sky, water sky and all the water sports you’ve ever wanted to try.

If it is your first time in the country, there is plenty of new experiences waiting for you and if you have already been to Britain, you can always find something new, charming and fun to see or do. Go around and explore the capital from the London Eye, enjoy the coast at Lime or go north and fall in love with the Lake District, you are invited to Great Britain!

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