The top most wonderful beaches in Ireland

Inch Strand in Kerry, Ireland

Inch Strand ©Jim Linwood/Flickr

Among numerous other beauties, Ireland can be proud of its wonderful beaches. If what you want is a relaxing holiday with beautiful scenery and the ever so mysterious atmosphere of Ireland, go to one of the below places for a couple of days.

Check the top most wonderful beaches in Ireland and the fun video below about the people who would paint the world green for Ireland – and Saint Patrick’s Day. Have you added Ireland to your must visit list yet? If not, it is high time to do that, the video is living proof of that.

Silver Strand, County Donegal

There is only one beach of the name Silver Strand in Donegal and that cannot be mistaken with anything. The beach is located near Glencolmcille and has got the shape of a horseshoe. This form provides a stunning visual experience with the land embracing the water forming a beautiful bay.

Silver Strand in Co Donegal, Ireland

Silver Strand ©Kanchelskis/ Ookaboo

There are some lovely places to stay in for the night, some with very competitive rates, like the Malinbeg Hostel near the beach.

Ballymastocker, County Donegal

We are in Donegal again – no wonder, the county is well known for its wonderful beaches. Ballymastocker is one of the best in the world, mainly because of its breathtaking beauty. The beach is divided into three parts by two small patches of grassy and rocky land.

You can take some great pictures from up the road and if you stay for a few days, there are a few cozy places to stay and enjoy some Irish hospitality.

Inch Strand, County Kerry

Beside being a true sandy paradise of beach lovers, Inch Strand is widely known for being the filming location for the 1970 movie, Ryan’s Daughter about the love of an Irish woman and a British officer during World War I.

Inch Strand in Kerry, Ireland

Inch Strand ©Jim Linwood/Flickr

The place is not only one of the best movie beaches, but also great for swimming and water sports. However, if you would rather just sit back and enjoy the amazing view, there is a bistro with a large deck at the beach where you can do that as well.

Bertra, County Mayo

The large beach of Bertra is simply fabulous, it provides one of the most stunning views in Ireland, which is quite a big deal knowing how amazing the country is. The beach is located on a patch of land which enters the water of the bay. Clarke Island is close enough, so you can see it perfectly from the beach.

Visit Ireland and let me know how you liked any – or all – the beaches above!

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