Why it is advantageous to travel solo

Adventure holidays for singles


Travelling solo has a host of benefits, which can all be exploited on a range of singles holidays. With the many adventures across America waiting to be experienced, travelling alone offers the ultimate freedom. Follow the path you choose with a leading trekking company, in a rare situation where being selfish and doing what you want to do is encouraged.

On activity holidays across America, bus meetings take place every day or two; here, you decide where to go next. On these adventure tours, you will be accompanied by like-minded single travellers and knowledgeable tour guides, providing a wonderful social element to your getaway. Below we discuss in detail what adventure holidays for singles entail and examine their appeal.

What an adventure trekking holiday is all about

Adventure trekking for singles


When you hear the phrase ‘trekking holiday’, the idea that first springs to mind is days of walking through the woods and forests. While trekking is a major element of many adventure holidays, it does not capture what singles holidays are really about: activities, sightseeing and most importantly, having great fun. In addition to exploring natural landscapes off the beaten track, you will have the opportunity to visit landmarks and tourist attractions, and there is ample time to relax and take in stunning scenery.

You will usually find that outdoor adventure activities are included in your package, from water-based activities such as kayaking and river rafting, to more land-based fun including rollerblading, climbing and road trips. Don’t get caught up in the traditional image of a trekking holiday. Instead, browse the wide range of opportunities available online, where detailed descriptions of what a trekking holiday entails can be found.

What’s included

Trekking adventures in North America for singles


That depends on which destination you choose! Some of the tours available are based in coastal cities, providing beach tours and charming visits to quaint villages. Others expeditions will get closer to natural surroundings; perhaps showing you charming lemon groves in Sardinia, or ancient caves and cliffs in Andalucia.

Meanwhile, city adventure tours are great for those who love to explore restaurants, shops and bars in a buzzing metropolis, whilst retaining the relaxed feel of a holiday. Most cities included in trekking holidays are very close to a beach, and so offer various activities such as boat trips, snorkelling and jet skiing.

If this doesn’t sound like what you are looking for, opt for one of the single holidays that take you into the more unexplored crevices of America and Canada. You could head out to Alaska in the winter, or travel through North America if you love forests, mountains and waterfall scenery. The type of vacation you pursue can be as individual and personalized as you like.

No matter which tour you opt for, there are a couple of things to think about before you book. Firstly, there is accommodation to consider. On an adventure holiday, this often comes in the form of a campsite. In most cases, along with your adventure group, you will find a secluded spot and pitch camp.

Typically, you will also find that the cost of the main activities of the trip are included in the package deal you purchase, so you don’t need to worry about that; just make sure you take advantage of everything on offer. Your holiday will have periods of free time too so why not take off to explore a city or terrain on your own?

Finally, check whether food and drink is included before embarking on your adventure, as this varies from one activity holiday to another.

I’ve never been to an adventure holiday before – will it be suitable for me?

In most cases, beginners enjoy the majority of activities on offer, and you can choose cycling and walking excursions that suit your fitness level, with some journeys optional. Put all your enthusiasm into every activity you pursue, and you are sure to have a fantastic time, whether you are new to adventure holidays or have experienced dozens before.

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