How to find the best vacation rental for you

Vacation house

Vacation house ©bobw235/Flickr

Vacation rental is becoming increasingly popular these days and offers a huge variety of homes away from home in location as well as in size, style and price range. All you have to do – if you decide in favor of this way of vacationing – is to pick one of the many offers. But how?

I hope these few tips will help you figure out how to find the best vacation rental for you. As a starter inspiration, watch this fun video made by HomeAway about the experiences of travelers who choose vacation rental and seem to be quite happy with it – but you will see. :)

How to start searching

As with any purchase, it is important to search a lot, so check the largest online vacation rental markets, especially if you have a few favorite ones. Check as many as you can to find the property, the location and the price that suits you best.

Le Torri villa, vacation rental

Le Torri villa ©letorrivacation/Flickr

Some websites provide the opportunity to see user comments about the houses and sometimes even talk to the owners so they can provide you with extra information about the surroundings and details.

It is also good to start searching for a property for the summer as early as January, if you prefer safety and assurance, book early – you might stumble upon some good early booking offers and discounts.

Know what you want

You have to know what you want, how much you want to spend, how large of a property you need, where you want to go… These are some basic details you must fix. Besides that, you may want to bring your dog – or other pet, may have a toddler, a baby or elderly family member who needs some special amenities or equipment that the house should have.

Vacation house

Vacation house ©bobw235/Flickr

Make sure you have the contact of the property owner, not just the agency. Also, make sure you know all the details of the property so you will not be surprised. It is very important as well that you read the whole contract, all of it, even the finest print!

Hope this helped a somewhat with your vacation planning if you have decided to go on a holiday with a vacation rental, whether you prefer a hillside villa somewhere in Italy, a gite on the bank of a lakein France or a beach house on Hawaii.

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