What makes a good hotel room

Guests at a hotel reception asking questions

Hotel reception ©Sergey Vladimirov/Flickr

When you go on a vacation it is essential to find the right accommodation to be able to feel good and relaxed. To do that you need to know what makes a good hotel room, what are the possible downfalls and what do you have to be careful about. It is not enough to pick a good hotel, the location of the room within the establishment is also important.

But if you are aware of certain simple strategies to follow, you can make sure to get the most out of your room and get the best for your money. As you may see in the cute video of Ibis Hotels below, hotels do tend to do a lot to make you feel more comfortable.

Get to know your hotel

There are a few things you can do to get to know the hotel you would like to stay in. You should talk to the owner or manager, they will always be happy to give you information about their rooms. You must also visit the website of the hotel to check out the galleries about the rooms as well as their facilities.

And there is one thing that is essential to do: read the reviews. Go to travel blogs and big travel websites to see what others say about the experiences they had about the facilities, services, the staff and all other things.

Guests at a hotel reception asking questions

Guests at a hotel reception ©Sergey Vladimirov/Flickr

Location is important

And it is not the location of the hotel that is important, but also that of the room within it. First of all, a room with a view (or with front view) might sound promising, but for instance if the hotel looks at a busy street you may have unpleasant experiences with the noise.

Also, to stay near the kitchen or the restaurant of the place may prove to be unlucky. The sound of the guests and deliveries may disturb your peace. It is a small thing, but old and new wings of older hotels may be slightly different in their structure of rooms and even the modernity of facilities, so you may want to look out for that aspect as well.

Busy hotel kitchen

Busy hotel kitchen ©Hashoo Foundation USA /Flickr

With these small tips you will be able to choose your hotel and hotel room wiser. Do you have other strategics when deciding what room to take in a hotel? Let us know your own suggestions and tips in the comment section below!

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