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El Paso airfares, Texas (ELP)

El Paso airfares, Texas (ELP)

El Paso airfares, Texas (ELP)

El Paso, Texas airfares

El Paso: Sixth largest city of Texas

Overview of El Paso

El Paso, county seat of El Paso County, is the six largest city of Texas with a population of 606,913 and ranks 22 in the nation. The city stands on Rio Grande and has Juarez Mountain in its background. The city is home to University of Texas and has Fort Bliss (major US Army installation) in its area.

El Paso Air transportation

El Paso International Airport is the main airport of the region, which serves the commuters living in and around the city of El Paso. This is a public airport and is located 4 miles from the CBD (Central Business District) of the city. The airport covers almost 6,800 acres in area. It has 3 runways and 15 gates to go with that. With the aviation industry hit by a considerable price hike and at the same time, economic meltdown clouding the entire region, everyone (especially the ones making regular journey) is on the look out for cheap flights to El Paso.

Cheap El Paso Airfares

With so many affordable offers available to you, the El Paso Airport sees huge rushes during weekends and holiday. In such case, you can opt for an alternate in the form of Ciudad Juarez, as cheap airfares to Ciudad Juarez are available in plenty.

What to see in El Paso?

When you plan a vacation in El Paso, try to prolong the duration, as the count of sightseeing locations are so many that you will find it difficult to complete it in a short period. Museums in the city, which include El Paso Museum of Archaeology, El Paso Museum of Art, Fort Bliss Museums & Study Center, El Paso Museum of History and Insights El Paso Science Museum, help you in viewing the culture and history of the city. Again, places like Plaza Theater, Abraham Chavez Theater and Mckelligon Canyon are worth a visit. Remember, each of these places has unique features and missing out on any one of them may make you to repent.

Sun shines almost 300 days a year in El Paso, 83 percent of daylight hours, as per the Local Weather Bureau. This is why the city is also termed as ‘The Sun City]’. It is from this that the city is nicknamed "The Sun City." If you wish to reach the Sun City, conduct online research on those airlines that offer cheap airfare on days when the traffic to the airport is very low. There are chances that you might land up with a deal, whereby you can travel from Chicago to El Paso at an average price of around $274. Try to make the most out of such opportunities and save money, so that you can use them to enjoy your time in the city.

El Paso Nightlife

El Paso is recognized for an excellent nightlife, similar to what is noticed in most cities across Texas. Places like Mesa Street Bar & Grill, The Old Plantation, Chili's Grill & Bar and Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar are meant for those, who like to enjoy their nights with quality liquors. Again, you have the option of going to Studio 69, Comic Strip Nightclub, San Antonio Mining Co, Club 101, Old Plantation, Soho Cocktail Lounge and Blue Iguana, if you are looking forward to party all night.

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