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Krakow airfares, Poland (KRK)

Krakow airfares, Poland (KRK)

Krakow airfares, Poland (KRK)

Krakow, Poland airfares

Krakow Poland- A Medieval Holiday Destination

Nesting in the laps of nature, the medieval city of Krakow-Poland had an approximate population of about 756,336 in the year 2007. Desirable destinations and charismatic atmosphere is what you’ll as soon as you step into land of Krakow.

City overview of Krakow

The city of Krakow lies on the banks of river Vistula providing a cool and soothing atmosphere to the city. This dream destination is festooned with grand churches, trendy bars, hip restaurants and irresistible shopping complexes. Main market square is still the heart of the city, which will provide a tourist with all that is expected from a tourist spot. Not only this city is known for its beauty and advancement, its cultural, artistic and scientific life also seems to be well polished.

Krakow Air Transportation

Lying in the Southern part of Poland, in a valley of Vitsula River just at the foot of Carpathian Mountains, Krakow is 719 ft above the sea level. Daily traffic of the city is managed by municipal companies through buses, mini buses and tramways and Railway lines connect you to most of the polished cities. Now coming to Krakow Airport, which is also known as John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice, is just 11kms from the west city. Now just profit yourself by getting your tickets booked, you’ll get a number of Cheap Flights to Krakow to make this retreat the most refreshing one.

Cheap Air Fare Krakow

Various airlines offer cheap airfare to Krakow and missing them out is not a great idea. In case you are planning to visit the city in rush hours can open a further option for you which are to opt for a nearby airport cheap airfares to Ostrava, Poland are also available moreover Ostrava is just at a distance of 49.0 miles away from Krakow.

What to see in Krakow

Krakow is a classic place for tourism as here you’ll find everything a tourist can ever imagine. If you are a history buff, then yes this is your paradise and not only the lovers of history, art, theater and music lovers can also pamper their senses here. Some of the outstanding landmarks here include Main Market Square, National Art Museum, Zygmunt Bell, St. Florian’s Gate, Wawel Castle and numerous other sites of heritage. Romantic couples are invited here too.

When to visit Krakow

Summer months around April to October are perfectly fine if you are planning a visit to Krakow. This is the season with will give you enough warmth and coziness. Rarest of rains and the mildest of temperature is observed in the month of May. A visit from Newark, New Jersey to Krakow would on an average cost you 880$. In rare cases, a budgetary problem may get the cheap flight cancelled, but relax this happens in the rarest of situations. So can you resist this spree now?

Krakow Night life

Would you believe me, if I say that Krakow has the highest density of Bars in the world! Yes it’s true. Rdza is one of the popular night clubs of Krakow. Some other popular names include Afera, Art Club Bledne Kolo, Frantic, Goraczka and many more. So not only history lovers, romancing couples will relax here its also meant for the young night owls.

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