London airfares, United Kingdom (LON)

London airfares, United Kingdom (LON)

London, United Kingdom airfares

London: A royal affair

Overview of London

The most populous city in the European Union, London is the capital of the United Kingdom. Founded by the Romans London has a rich history filled with many important events. It has been the part of many movements and revolutions throughout history like the English renaissance, the gothic revival in architecture and the famous industrial revolution in the medieval period. London is also a very happening destination for tourists from all around the world, after all it is home to four of the world heritage sites. London has a rich diversity of culture and over 300 languages are spoken within the city.

London air transportation

London is a major international air transport hub. It has one of the largest networks of bus services in the world and has 8000 buses running for 24 hrs a day catering to over 6 million passengers. No fewer than eight airports use the words London Airport in their name, but most traffic passes through one of five major airports. London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the world for international traffic and handles a mixture of full-service domestic, European and inter-continental scheduled passenger flights, being also the third busiest airport in the world. You can look for cheap flights to London (LON) to this airport.

Similar traffic, with the addition of some low-cost short-haul flights, is also handled at London Gatwick Airport. London Stansted Airport and London Luton Airport cater mostly for low-cost short-haul flights. London City Airport, the smallest and most central airport, is focused on business travellers, with a mixture of full service short-haul scheduled flights and considerable business jet traffic. For more information on air travel in London, please check out the Airfare Watcher for flight deals and discounts.

Cheap London Airfare

Well just in case if you look for alternative measures then landing up straight at London or if it is the packed schedule of the airport, which makes you miss your date you could also look for cheap airfares to Norwich and simply go to London from there, as it is merely 49.3 miles.

What to see in London

First and the foremost the 4 world heritage sites are a must. That includes the Tower of London, a historic monument in central London on the bank of river Thames. Greenwich a district in south east London popular known as the origin of the name given to the Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) and Greenwich Mean Time, The Royal Botanic Gardens also commonly known as the Kew gardens and the Palace of Westminster. And not to be missed is the Madame Tussauds the famous waxwork museum.

When to visit London

London’s climate is very deceiving. It is amongst the mildest in England but the dampness can make it feel even colder than what it actually is. The best time to visit London is during December July and August. However, January can also be a good time if you want to save some cash and you can also check out for cheap flights from New York to London for $608 only.

London night life

London is filled with drinking & dancing dens of all types. From pulsating dance floors of most top nightclubs to chilled familiarity of the smaller DJ bar, London awards something for providing to both hardcore party animals and the ones looking to have a quiet drink & conversation. You could check out 333 a great venue, with basement downstairs, and an ideal lounging and drinking space at the top and entertaining music or check out Annex 3 a style bar.


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