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Rio De Janeiro airfares, Brazil (GIG)

Rio De Janeiro airfares, Brazil (GIG)

Rio De Janeiro airfares, Brazil (GIG)

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil airfares

Rio de Janeiro: Nice and naughty, blame it on Rio

This Brazilian beauty gives you every excuse to be a hedonist. Famous for its natural surroundings and carnivals, Rio de Janeiro is the place to let your hair loose.

Overview of Rio de Janeiro

One of the major economic and cultural hubs of South America the city of Rio de Janeiro, a cosmopolitan metropolis sits in the heart of the southeastern region. The city of Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in the country and receives annually more than 2 million foreign tourists. The city boasts of large forests, lakes and some amazing natural surroundings and who can ever miss out on the famous carnivals.

Rio de Janeiro Air Transportation

Well, in Rio de Janeiro transportation mainly relies on buses. All over in Brazil, intercity highways are heavily relied upon when it comes to road transport. Rio de Janeiro has five airports out of which the Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport (GIG) is basically used for all international flights. It is the largest airport site in Brazil and handles over 7.5 million passengers annually and the best part is you can find the best possible deal for yourself from cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro.

Cheap Rio de Janeiro Air fares

Well in case Rio gets too busy and you end up looking for an alternate and a cheaper mean of travelling to Rio de Janeiro then you can easily reach Juiz de Fora which is located close to the state border with Rio de Janiero separated by a distance of only 189 kilometers. It is one of the best possible ideas to conserve money and moreover you can search for really cheaper airfares to Juiz de Fora.

What to see in Rio de Janeiro

When in Rio you can possibly never overlook one of the Seven Wonders of the World, you should definitely check out Christ the redeemer above Praia do forte beach in Cabo Frio Island. This is the iconic symbol of Brazil located atop the Corcovado hill. You could explore the Forte de Cabo Frio to enjoy the spectacular views of the blue sea. You can check out the exotic flora of Rio at the Sugar loaf cable car and at the end of the day relax at the Copacabana beach.

When to visit Rio de Janeiro

Spring (September - October) is one of the best times to visit Rio, before the humidity sets in. Rio's forests and gardens are lush and beautiful to see at this time and Rio is famous for its natural surroundings. For alternative means of travelling to Rio you could also opt for cheap airlines from Washington DC to Rio De Janeiro with an average price of 879$ only.

Rio de Janeiro nightlife

Known as the party capital of the world you can get a feel of rio’s party scene by visiting the Zapata nightclub. The Rua dos Oitis fills up regularly on Thursdays and Sundays and you could spend your time there too.

Al in all Rio de Janeiro is a really happening place to visit.


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