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Springfield airfares, Illinois (SPI)

Springfield airfares, Illinois (SPI)

Springfield airfares, Illinois (SPI)

Springfield, Illinois airfares

Springfield: Perfect Combination Of The Traditional And The Contemporary

Overview of Springfield

The capital city of the state of Illinois, Springfield is most popularly remembered for its past resident Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, who spent close to 24 years of his life here. The beautiful city of Springfield covers a total area of about 60.3 square miles and is located at an elevation of approximately 178.6 meters above the sea level. It provides scenic views of nature from this height.

Characterized by a humid continental climate, the city has warm summers and cold winters, giving a chance to enjoy all seasonal variations. Paradise for food lovers, this city has a spectrum of delicious dishes, which it is popular for apart from its famous spices like chili. However, on the economic front, it must be noted that government jobs at the local, state and county level account for most of its resident’s incomes. Other sources of income in Springfield are predominantly seen in the field of trade and healthcare.

Springfield Air Transportation

The city of Springfield is served by the Springfield Capital Airport also referred as the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport after its most popular resident. The Springfield Capitol is a public airport served by almost 7 different airlines that connect the city to different parts of the USA. It is well designed with facilities like a gift shop, Subway and an automated teller machine in its premises. The airport also has a well furnished lounge area with a television for entertaining guests. Considering all this, it is not surprising that there are a number of cheap flights to Springfield from different destinations in US.

Cheap Springfield Airfares

The city of Springfield has attracted visitors since its inception in 1877. It can easily be reached from different destinations in close by cities like Saint Louis, Missouri ST. LOUIS INTL (STL) (95.7 miles).

The city of Springfield is easily accessible at reasonable airfares from popular destinations like Los Angeles and Seattle. As an example, the airfare from Philadelphia (PHL) to Springfield (SGF) costs an average historical price of 482$. Thus, accessibility to this city is not only convenient and easily available, but also reasonably priced.

What to see in Springfield?

With a rich cultural heritage that includes arts like ballet, jazz and a carillon festival, the city of Springfield is home to the Hoogland Center for Arts, which houses the Springfield Ballet Company, Springfield Theatre Centre and the Springfield Municipal Opera. If you have a love for art, a stop at this centerpiece of performing arts is a must!

Additionally, Springfield is home to the first U.S. drive-through window, which is still in operation. Known as the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop, this is another one of those places, which you might not find in the standard list of must-sees in Springfield. However, Springfield’s love for art and food are its basic essence, providing a great experience and absolutely worth your time!

Nightlife in Springfield

Springfield’s nightlife gives good competition to nightlife in other popular destinations. It has an array of options ranging from pubs to bars, theatres to discs and restaurants to cafés. Some of the most happening places include the Stadium Sports Bar and Coz's Pizza & Pubs.

One of the top 50 greenest cities of the US, Springfield is the perfect combination of the traditional and the contemporary! An experience in this city is truly enthralling!

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