United States airfares

United States airfares

Bethlehem airfares

Bethlehem lies in the center of Lehigh valley and is divided into three sections: The North Bethlehem, The south Bethlehem, and West Bethlehem. Each of the section is famous for its own specialties and contains areas documented by National Register of Historic Places. The city was included in the Money Magazine’s list of “Top Ten Places to live” in year 2006. The south side of the city borders Lehigh River and Fountain Hill. For your enjoyment, the city has 39 beautifully [...]

Casper airfares

Casper sits in the ‘comfort zone’ defined by the National Weather Service which means that the city has low humidity all year round moderating the chills of winters and heat of the summers. The city receives 275 days of sun shine and experiences wind with an average speed of 12 miles per hour. The climate and location of the city makes it a popular destination for outdoor adventures and therefore, it would be great to visit the city in almost any season. Rather than visiting Casper [...]

College Station airfares

College Station is a city located in Texas, Brazos county. The College Station City is located in very well known region of Texas near some of the largest cities of U.S.A. The main attraction of the city is the campus of Texas A&M University, which has made it rank the city the most educated city in Texas. Somerville Lake and Gibbons Creek Reservoir are some of the important lakes of the city. You will find a subtropical climate here and the summers are very dry and hot in College Station. [...]

Concord airfares

The most distinct feature of Concord is the Concord regional airport. It has a runaway of 7,400 feet. This greater runaway assures that the safety is improved and the pilots can easily take off with greater fuel efficiency. The runaway length also aids in preventing the need of refueling during the changing of flights. Reaching Concord from various areas like Santa Rosa, Merced, Stockton, Monterey and San Jose have become very cheaper with the frequent number of cheap flights to the Concord. [...]

Daytona Beach airfares

The attractions in Daytona are as wide as the waves. The ocean is of course the best attraction by miles at Daytona Beach and is ever rocking with the hustling crowd. The other ventures in the area are Ponce De Leon Lighthouse and Museum & Marine Center. The city is also the place for top speeds and the awesome game of NASCAR, as well as Daytona International Speedway host the international race and fills the air with thrill. The Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory provide a sweet respite [...]

Harlingen airfares

Served by the Valley International Airport, Harlingen is easily accessible by air. The Valley International Airport is the largest international one in this region. It serves over two million people in Mexico and US. Said to have the longest runway in the Rio Grande Valley, the airport is well equipped with modern facilities like free wireless internet, first class waiting rooms, facsimile machine and copier. While it is served by two main airline carriers- Southwest Airlines and Continental [...]

Lihue airfares

If you haven’t noticed already the island of Kaua’i is a nature-lovers paradise. There are so many activities that you will have to be full of energy to try all of them. Some of these are: helicopter and boat tours, camping or hiking. The island not being webbed by roads you have to go on feet to see all the breathtaking cliffs and many more attractions you can found in the Nā Pali Coast State Park – situated on a 25 square kilometers territory. If you take the time to travel [...]

Minneapolis airfares

Minneapolis, the City of Lakes, is ranked seventh in the Forbes list of America’s Best Cities for The Outdoor. Flanked by Mississippi river and Minnehaha creek, Minneapolis provides the best scenic outdoors. The city has 22 lakes, 150 parks and 43 trail miles making it conducive to various outdoor activities like walking, biking, sailing and cross country skiing. Minneapolis is well known for its magnificent layout and a radical design surge lending it the most glistening skyscrapers and [...]

Redmond airfares

The city of Redmond is a great place to spend time, as it has numerous parks, gardens and museums. The city has some great sightseeing attractions for its visitors. The Petersen Rock Garden and Museum is a famous tourist spots. There are various sculptures and monuments made from different rocks stand tall in the garden. Another tourist attraction of Redmond is the High Desert Gallery. This art gallery has some great art forms made by some famous artists. The art gallery also holds exhibition of [...]

Stockton airfares

The city of Stockton has an airport named Stockton Metropolitan Airport. It is located in southern direction of the city limits. The airport also serves in shipment of finished goods from agricultural companies. The airport has increased its domestic services to numerous cities of the country. There are daily flights to New York, Phoenix and Las Vegas. It plans to start flight service to Guadalajara, Mexico. The airline that will provide this service is AeroMexico. Apart from that, Modesto, [...]


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