Compact Cars in Manhattan under $20 per day from Enterprise

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What can we possibly say about Manhattan that you don’t know and love about the island of fun, shopping and the whole New York feeling? Still, there is something, you can get a compact car from Enterprise on the island for just $19.95 a day if you book now on Hotwire.

Drive through 5th Avenue and only stop at your favorite stores, ride through Central Park, check out the Rockefeller Center, the Lincoln center, go to an unforgettable show in Carnegie Hall and have as much as you can of the Manhattan life that is never boring. 

Rental cars in Manhattan from Hotwire

Enterprise gives unlimited mileage for your car – a Chevy Cobalt, Ford Focus or similar model – but some geographical restrictions might be applied. The car will have air conditioning, power steering, automatic transmission, air bags and AM/FM stereo. However, other car types are also available for discounted prices, so if you’d rather get around in an economy or full-size car, check current prices of Hotwire for other cars below.

 Car typePriceLocationSeating*
Economy $19.99 In terminal 2+2
Compact $19.99 In terminal 2+2
Mid-size $24.99 In terminal 4
Standard $27.99 In terminal 2+2
Full-size $29.99 In terminal 5

* 2+2 = two adults plus two children
4 = four adults
5 = five adults

The above stated prices do not include taxes and fees which may vary according to car type and rental company. The current taxes and fees for Enterprise’s compact cars are $5, that makes the total price $25 per day. All is given to for a Manhattan getaway, you just lay back and enjoy the ride… literally.

Enterprise car rental – deal summary

Price: $19.95 per day

Destination: Manhattan, New York, NY

Car type: compact car, Ford Focus or similar

Capacity:  2 adults and 2 children

Cargo: 1 large and 2 small suitcases

Book at: Hotwire

Pick-up location: at Manhattan Regional Airport (MHK)

Agencies: Enterprise

Taxes and fees: not included – $5 per day (TOTAL PRICE: $25 per day)

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