Cheap San Diego hotels under $100 per night

ATTENTION! These hotel deals expired, but we have found you fresh offers for all over California. Scroll down and find them in the table.

Skyline of San Diego downtown

San Diego ©Tomcio77/Flickr

? Bay Inn and Suites at SeaWorld from $72
? Porto Vista Hotel from $86
? Best Western Yacht Harbor Hotel from $84
? Kona Kai Resort and Spa from $99
? Wyndham Garden San Diego from $77
? Holiday Inn Express San Diego South-National City from $98
? Kinds Inn – SeaWorld – San Diego Zoo from $80
? Ramada Mission Valley – SDSU from $72

You can find these cheap hotels under $100 per night in the search box. Note that the average traveler checks up to 4 sites for price comparison and don’t forget to check, that is where our editors found the above featured hotels.

It is especially worthy to travel now, as all of our cheap San Diego hotels offer great extras – some even more than one – from kids staying and eating free to free breakfast, parking, Wi-fi and so on. See the details in the table, book and get on a San Diego flight before all the cheap hotel rooms are sold out.

cheap san diego hotels
Hotel NameRatingCheck-in/Check-outExtrasNightly rate*
Bay Inn and Suites**1/2Nov 5 2012/
Nov 8 2012
Free breakfast
Free Wi-fi
Free parking
Porto Vista Hotel***Nov 12 2012/
Nov 14 2012
Free breakfast
Welcome cocktails
Free parking
Best Western Yacht**1/2Nov 14 2012/
Nov 16 2012
Free breakfast
Free shuttle
Free parking
Free Wi-fi
Kona Kai Resort***1/2Nov 18 2012/
Nov 21 2012
Free shuttle$99
Wyndham Garden***Dec 3 2012/
Dec 5 2012
Kids stay free
Free Wi-fi
Free parking
Holiday Inn**1/2Dec 13 2012/
Dec 16 2012
Free hot breakfast
Free Wi-fi
Free parking
Kings Inn**Oct 29 2012/
Oct 31 2012
Kids stay & eat
free in October
Free Wi-fi
Free parking
Ramada**Dec 17 2012/
Dec 20 2012
Kids stay free
Free Wi-fi
Free parking

*Nightly rate is per room and includes taxes and fees.


Price: from $72/night per room; with taxes and fees

Destination: San Diego, California

Book by:  subject to sellout

Hotel rating: 2 to 3.5 star hotels

Hotel name: Bay Inn and Suites at SeaWorld, Kona Kai Resort and Spa  and more

Travel dates: from October through December

Found on: comparison search box

Taxes and fees: taxes and fees are included in the price

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