Daytona Beach hotels for Spring Break 2013

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Florida is one of the hits of this year’s coolest party season. That is why we bring you these hand-picked and confirmed Daytona Beach hotels for Spring Break 2013 from only $66 per night – with taxes.

→ Makai Beach Lodge from $66 pn
→ Daytona Beach Resort and Conference Center from $100 pn
→ La Playa Resort from $70 pn
→ Lotus Boutique Inn and Suites from $91 pn
→ Emerald Shores Hotel from $69 pn
→ Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort from $96 pn
→ Atlantic Ocean Palm Inn from $89 pn
→ Coral Beach Resort from $97 pn

Find the offers via the box and note that we have found the shown prices on Bookit, so remember to select it alongside some other providers when you compare prices.

Florida’s Daytona Beach is among the top recommended destinations for the Spring Break of 2013. Many of the hotels offer extras such as free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and more. Hurry, rooms will sell out very quickly – you’re not the only future Spring Breaker in Florida!

hotels for spring break 2013
Hotel NameRatingCheck-in
Check out
Nightly rate*
Makai Beach**1/2Mar 25 2013
Mar 28 2013
Daytona Beach***1/2Mar 17 2013
Mar 21 2013
La Playa**1/2Mar 4 2013
Mar 8 2013
Lotus Boutique***Mar 18 2013
Mar 22 2013
Emerald Shores***Mar 4 2013
Mar 7 2013
Perry’s Ocean***Mar 24 2013
Mar 27 2013
Atlantic Ocean**Mar 4 2013
Mar 8 2013
Coral Beach**Mar 24 2013
Mar 28 2013

*Nightly rate is per night per room and includes all taxes and fees.


Price: from $66 per night; incl. taxes and fees

Destination: Daytona Beach, FL

Book by:  subject to availability and sellout

Hotel rating: 2 and 3 star hotels

Hotel name: Makai Beach Lodge, Lotus Boutique Inn and Suites and more

Travel dates: during Spring Break season (early February to late April)

Found on: comparison search box

Taxes and fees: taxes and fees are included in the featured rate

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