A nature lover’s top US 5 urban destinations

Phoenix desert

Phoenix desert ©dinobrienmuzyka/Flickr

When one thinks about an urban escape, probably the last thing that comes to our minds is nature, but it is possible to travel to a big city and still admire amazing landscapes – you can see below how. Many big cities lie very close to natural parks and other outdoor attractions, so you can easily visit one or another beautiful place.

Check out the top 5 urban destinations in the US for nature lovers and decide where you want to travel during your next city break. Any of these places make a perfect vacation spot!

How to travel

To get to a natural part from a big city, you will definitely  need some kind of vehicle – preferably a car. And for a car you need the best tires, in which area Michelin is a pro. Check out the video to see how they make sure that you have the best driving experience.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

On the top of the list you find Albuquerque. You can either rent a car or bring your own to discover the 7 national parks within a 100 miles of the city. Also, you believe it or not, 30% of the city’s territory is made up of parks and greenery.

San Francisco, California

Lincoln Park in San Francisco

Lincoln Park in San Francisco ©The Wandering Angel/Flickr

Apart from being one of the most beautiful cities in the country, San Francisco is also famous for having lots of wonderful city parks. It does not take a lot of effort to drive out to one of the parks and you will surely have a great day!

Oakland, California

The serene surroundings of Oakland are well known throughout the States. Right in the middle of the city you find Lake Merritt surrounded by nice green areas and the Redwood forests are also very close, only a few miles away and it is a big plus that the temperatures are very pleasant all year round.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix desert

Phoenix desert ©dinobrienmuzyka/Flickr

The area of Phoenix has got nearly the least rain in all the United States. Plus the desert with its sand and rocks provides the visitor with lots of amazing sunsets, so Phoenix is definitely a pro on our list!

Seattle, Washington

In an only a 100 miles radius from downtown Seattle travelers can find not less than 9 natural parks. The frequent raining so specific to the whole state might be a little unpleasant, but the view is breathtaking and the air is super clean, especially given the fact that it is close to such a big city.

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