Saint Patrick’s Day Festival – Dublin 2014 edition

St. Patrick's Festival parade

St. Patrick’s Festival Parade ©William Murphy/Flickr

This year between March 14 and 17 Dublin will transform into a huge bubble of emerald green fun. The Saint Patrick’s Day Festival of 2014  was perfectly summarized by the organizers: “4 days and nights of culture, music and entertainment”. This month everyone’s place is in the Irish capital.

Probably the most important original Irish holiday, the festival dedicated to the country’s patron saint is very busy drawing in the best of talents from within and outside of Ireland. Many of the events will be free and we have tried to gather the best moments you definitely shouldn’t miss if you travel to Dublin for this holiday.

Free Saint PATRICK’S Day trip to Ireland

Before discussing the best events of the festival, check out the short video below by Tourism Ireland to see how you can win a free trip to the Saint Patrick’s Festival in 2014. It’s easy and fun!

The St. Patrick’s Festival Parade

Not too logical, but let’s start at the end, with the culminating point of the while festival, the Parade. The grand and amazing event will be held on Monday, March 17, starting right at midday from Parnell Square. The tens of thousands of people who will gather at the square make their way though O’Connell street, over the bridge and then go up on Dame Street and arrive – after a couple of hours hopefully – to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

St. Patrick's Festival parade

St. Patrick’s Festival Parade ©William Murphy/Flickr

If you have seen the Parade already, you may have an idea of all the cool stuff happening, but if not, you will not be disappointed. From the Pipe Band of the Dublin Fire Brigade to the ensemble of the city’s police departments, all kinds of groups performing music and/or dressed in crazy wonderful costumes… It is a must!

Top free events of the festival

Right on the first day of Saint Patrick’s Day Festival, on Friday at 4:30 in the afternoon you can put on your dancing outfit and go to St. Stephen’s Green for the Festival Ceili and do some outdoor dancing in great company.

Saint Patrick's Ceili

Saint Patrick’s Ceili ©William Murphy/Flickr

If you are with your family, Sunday is your day. Go out for the Big Day Out and enjoy loads of music events, workshops, street performances, theatricals and lots of other things in all parts of Dublin.

For those who want to experience some of the city’s culture as well, the Festival Treasure Hunt is highly recommended. Different conundrums and clues await you at famous Dublin landmarks and if you solve them all, you can win exciting prices at the finish point, the City Hall.

If you are coming to Dublin from the US, you will probably need a cheap flight to the Irish capital because you will want to save as much as possible for pocket money for great food, events and the best souvenirs.

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