The best festivals in Switzerland for 2013

Scene from the Zurich street parade

Zurich street parade ©

As much as Switzerland is a comparatively small country, it hosts lots of amazing festivals and events every single year. I have collected the best festivals in Switzerland for 2013 so that you will surely find something worthy of your attention whether you are a fan of big cities like Zurich or lovely small towns like Appenzell.

This year you can also win a free trip to the country with the Swiss Tourism Board, so you might even get to see some good festivals as a bonus. You can get to know more about the free trip, Swiss hospitality and the best festivals in Switzerland if you keep reading…

Appenzell Landsgemeide

Not really a party, but very interesting and unique anyway, Appenzell Landsgemeide is the town’s own open-air parliament. All the citizens come together on the main square of Appenzell and discuss the more important matters of the following year and also vote for their council leaders. Everyone. Personally. How cool is that? A great example of direct democracy – in case you are into that staff… I am!

Zurich Street Parade

For the lovers of parties and crowds Zurich Street Parade is a real paradise. The loudest event in the city is a tribute to dance and techno music and its important features are the so called Love Mobiles with dancers and lights and all the things regular party people like. The festival is always held sometime in August and make the city of Zurich come alive!

Scene from the Zurich street parade

Zurich street parade ©

Rapperswil Blues n Jazz

A little more quite, Rapperswil Blues n Jazz festival has got a really nice atmosphere – and amazing music. Organized in June, it is set in three small parts of the old town of Rapperswil attracting thousands of people and wonderful musicians every year.

Fêtes de Vedanges

This wine festival/ street parade is organized in Neuchatel yearly in September. During the 3 days long festival, the center of the town is full of food vendors and – even more  importantly – wine stands having the best of local wines. And of course, you can find everything here that make a street party cool.

ZibelEmärit, Bern

The famous Onion market in Bern, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, attracts loads of visitors every November.  It is open from 5 am to 6 pm and you can find an especially vast collection of onions in all colors, sizes and shapes, arranged into nearly artistic forms. They are great for decoration… or eating! :)

Zibelemarit, the onion market of Bern

Zibelemarit – Onion market ©

So what are you still waiting for? Hop on a flight to Switzerland and catch one of the best Swiss festivals of 2013!

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