The main parks of Disney World Florida

The Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

The Cindarella Castle Park ©Carlos Jose/Flickr

Disney World in Florida is awesome, there is no question about it. It offers an incredible amount of things to see and do to everyone, let it be my kid or my grandmother with its four immense main theme parks, the two water parks, the hotels and restaurants and the shopping area – and they even has golf courses, although it is hard to imagine why would anyone choose to play golf in Disney World.

This immense capital of magic and entertainment has been the destination of millions of amazing vacations over the years, but why for those who did not yet have the pleasure of seeing it, here is a short explanation about the main parks and why you must love them.

The magic of Disney World

It is every kid’s dream to visit Disney World, but it is probable that all adults wish to go there too – in secret. As you can see in the short video, the park itself offers full vacation packages with accommodation, tickets and everything you want:

Magic Kingdom Park

The embodiment of all the Disney tales ever told – or shown, the Magic Kingdom Park was built in 107 acres and it offers the classical experience of Walt Disney’s imaginary world from shaking hands with Mikey Mouse to having Snow White waving at you from a  balcony or walking into Cindarella’s iconic castle.

The Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

The Castle at Magic Kingdom Park ©Carlos Jose/Flickr

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

You can travel back in time with Disney’s Hollywood Studios with the Great Movie Ride, you can have your heart jumping out of your chest riding the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or follow the Voyage of the Little Mermaid – and that is just the beginning. Playgrounds, performances and all the glamor of Hollywood await at this breathtaking experience that alone makes it absolutely worth it to travel to Orlando.

The Great Movie Ride at the Studios

The Great Movie Ride at the Studios ©Darren Wittko/Flickr

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

The seven different part sections of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park are home to about 250 animal species in total. You can experience the fauna of Asia and Africa, the park invites you into the lost world of the dinosaurs and offers less scary but very nice animal petting.

Tiger at the Animal Kingdom

Tiger at the Animal Kingdom ©randy stewart/Flickr

Epcot Theme Park

Possibly the most educative – but not less interesting – of the main parks of Disney World is Epcot with its two sections. One is the World Showcase with its 11 pavilions, each themed for one specific country where you can see the culture and attractions of Norway, China, Morocco, Mexico and more. The other is Future World with space age attractions such as Spaceship Earth, Mission: SPACE and more. You will have loads of fun and learn a lot at the same time.

View at Epcot theme park, Disney World, Florida

View at Epcot ©Martin Pettitt/Flickr

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