The most beautiful cities in Switzerland

Zurich view

Zurich ©ND Strupler/Flickr

One of the most unusual countries in Europe is Switzerland, lying between the majestic peaks of the Alps. On this infinitely beautiful land wealth, luxury and the famous Swiss primness and punctuality can be felt everywhere. Although the country is home to different peoples that have all formed their ambiance according to their own traditions, the national consciousness is very strong here.

The historical towns and picturesque villages of the country attract tourists in every season and provide – as you can guess from the witty video below – a relaxing vacation experience. Still, the big cities are also great and they allure most of the visitors, so let us see, which are the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.


Though not the largest city and not the most important from an economical point of view, Bern is the capital of Switzerland. According to the locals, Bern is the most Swiss of the Swiss cities and they speak here the most typical Swiss dialect of German.

View over the Old Town of Bern

Bern Old Town ©Manfred Morgner/Flickr

With its traditional sandstone buildings, old towers and unique fountain, the city is one of the most amazing examples of Medieval urban architecture in Europe. We can find here the longest roofed shopping walkway on the Old Continent while, under the arcades, charming cafes and restaurants await tourists.


With its 360 000 inhabitants Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland as well as its industrial and financial center and the capital of Zürich canton. It is located on the side of – guess what – Lake Zürich, 406 m above sea level at the effluence of the river Limmat.

Zurich view

Zurich view ©ND Strupler/Flickr

Due to the country’s neutrality during the conflicts, after World War II the city became one of the most important international financial center. As Switzerland did not participate in the wars, it was not bombed or attacked, the old buildings and churches of  Zürich are untouched and give a very much fairy tale like scenary to the city.


Geneva is the third largest city in Switzerland and in 1863 the town was home to the creation of the first humanitarian organization, the International Red Cross. Not only the ski enthusiasts, but the fans of museum and theater can also find distraction here.

Geneva skyline

Geneva skyline ©James Cridland/Flickr

With theaters, opera house and over 30 museums, plus its up to par hotels and restaurants, Geneva is a true tourist paradise. The Geneva lake, the Rhone river and the nearby mountains make the city exceptionally amazing and due to its South-Western position its climate is the most pleasant in the whole country.

If you think these aren’t the most beautiful cities in Switzerland or just found the video cute and funny, write us via the below comment section.

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