Tips to finding the best holiday accommodation

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After selecting the destination, the most important thing which needs to be considered during holiday planning is the accommodation. Hotels, villas, chalets, hostels and camping services are all commonly embraced by the British public during their travels but what factors do you need to consider when looking for holiday accommodation?

There are typically three factors which people consider when deciding where they are going to stay on holiday – quality, location and price. All of these are equally as important as one and can ensure that travellers have the best time whilst on holiday.

Why is Accommodation Important?

Nobody wants to spend their holidays battling against inefficient showers or disruptive locations and therefore holiday accommodation is highly important. Whether you are staying in Florida villas or a small hotel, it is important that you pick one which will offer you high quality services at affordable prices.

Good accommodation will help to keep you relaxed and calm whilst on holiday – meaning that your holiday will be as enjoyable as it is possible.


The quality of accommodation is often the first thing which people consider when making their decision. Most holiday accommodation will be rated on its quality, giving travellers a clear guide when making their selection.

For greater assurances tourists should research the accommodation on offer beforehand and check reviews from other travellers. This will provide unbiased information on hotels and villas in Majorca and other areas and can help you to make the best decision.

Another way to be sure of the quality of accommodation is to book your holiday as a package deal. A number of companies offer people the chance to book their travel and accommodation through their service, giving tourists increased peace of mind.


When choosing your accommodation it is also important to make sure the location suits your needs. This will generally depend on your personal preferences and you should therefore ask yourself a few important questions such as whether you want to be centrally located or whether you would prefer to be a little further away.

You should always make sure that you can travel freely within your chosen area and should investigate how you will get around before selecting a particular area. A number of popular areas such as Portugal will offer accommodation in various areas and districts, meaning that there are plenty of Portugal villas and hotels to choose from.


The final consideration for holiday accommodation will always be over the price. Whilst holidaymakers want to stay in the best possible location they will not want to spend more than is necessary when doing so. Value for money is therefore something which is strived for a number of accommodation providers will offer discounts or reduced prices to entice holidaymakers.

Travellers should therefore set a clear budget before booking their trip and should also consider package holidays as these can often be lower in price – perhaps one of the reasons why this type of holiday accounted for nearly half of all international holiday trips in 2005.

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