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Here is something special for today from our deal hunting team, they have found you some great Orlando hotels where your kids stay free. You can find Orlando hotels that have a kids stay free policy from only $52 per night. You save a lot of money on accommodation that you can spend in Disneyland!

→ Orlando Metropolitan Express for $52 per night
→ 3 star Mystery Hotel for $83 per night
→ Barefoot Suites for $92 per night
→ Regal Oaks CLC Worldwide for $116 per night
→ Runaway Beach Club for $156 per night
Search in the box for the shown hotels, enter your travel details, select merchants (users usually select up to 4 of them) and compare prices.

Keep in mind that the age under which kids stay free may vary from hotel to hotel (it can be under 5 years, under 12 years etc.). Choose the Orlando hotel that suits you best and take off to Florida, but act fast, these deals sell out very quickly.

Some of the featured hotels offer other extras, such as free parking, free breakfast, free Wi-fi or free shuttle to Disneyland and the Universal Studios.

orlando hotels
Hotel NameStar ratingCheck-in/Check-outNightly rate*
Orlando Metropolitan**1/2Nov 28 2012
Dec 1 2012
Mystery Hotel***Nov 28 2012
Dec 1 2012
Barefoot Suites***Dec 2 1012
Dec 4 2012
Regal Oaks***Feb 1 2013
Feb 3 2013
Runaway Beach***Jan 8 2013
Jan 10 2013

*Nightly rate for the featured Orlando hotels includes all taxes and fees.

kids stay free hotels – DEAL SUMMARY

Price: from $52/night; with taxes and fees

Destination: Orlando, Florida

Book by:  subject to sellout

Hotel rating: 2.5 and 3 star hotels

Hotel name: Orlando Metropolitan Express, Regal Oaks CLC Worldwide and more

Travel dates: now through the beginning of February 2013

Found on: Metafares.com comparison search box

Taxes and fees: taxes and fees are included in the price shown

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