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Harlingen airfares, Texas (HRL)

Harlingen airfares, Texas (HRL)

Harlingen airfares, Texas (HRL)

Harlingen, Texas airfares

Harlingen: Blessed by the Vibrant Colors of Nature

Overview of Harlingen

The beautiful city of Harlingen is located in Cameron County, which is the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas. Being the third largest city in the Valley, Harlingen has seen rapid development both on economic and infrastructural front. With a population of approximately 57,564 as per the 2000 census, the city covers an area of around 88 square kilometers with all the amenities that make it equivalent to any other US city.

Known to be paradise for birds and birding, the city of Harlingen has a tropical environment that attracts some of the most exotic and beautiful birds to visit this area during their migratory periods of spring and fall. Additionally, it is blessed by the vibrant colors of nature with scenic views that have often left visitors awe-struck.

Harlingen Air Transportation

Served by the Valley International Airport, Harlingen is easily accessible by air. The Valley International Airport is the largest international one in this region. It serves over two million people in Mexico and US. Said to have the longest runway in the Rio Grande Valley, the airport is well equipped with modern facilities like free wireless internet, first class waiting rooms, facsimile machine and copier. While it is served by two main airline carriers- Southwest Airlines and Continental Express, the airport connects Harlingen to many parts of the US and the world. However, the city can also be accessed via nearby airports like Reynossa, Mexico REYNOSA BLANCO (REX) (29.7 miles).

Cheap Harlingen Airfares

Reaching the city of Harlingen is not only convenient using air transportation, but also cost friendly with many airlines providing their services at low airfares. While there are a number of cheap flights to Harlingen from different destinations like Chicago and Minneapolis, airfares are lowest from San Antonio (SAT) to Harlingen (HRL) with an average historical price of 165$. However, in general, Harlingen airfares from other cities and towns are not so low and start at a minimum of $425.

What to See in Harlingen?

If there is one benefit of lying in the lap of nature, it is the beauty that surrounds Harlingen. While the picturesque parks can leave you speechless with their spectrum of colors, a visit to the Hugh Ramsey Nature preserve and Wildlife habitat will surely sweep you off your feet with its avian beauties. The Iwo Jima Monument and Memorial Museum is a great place to visit and spend some quality time in. Not to forget, a walk down Jackson Street can give your eyes a treat of the amazing Mid-century modern architecture that dots this part of the city.

Nightlife in Harlingen

Whether you plan to spend the evening with family or with friends, Harlingen never runs out of options when it comes to nightlife. From local eateries serving eclectic South Texas cuisines to electrically charged nightclubs, bars and lounges like Doc's Sports Bar, Hot Enchilada Saloon and Flairs Hop Shop, Harlingen has it all.

A beautiful blend of natural beauty, modern facilities, art, architecture, culture, sports and festivals, the city of Harlingen has all the qualities that make it a great place to visit at any time of the year.

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