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Amsterdam airfares

Tourism is another very important industry branch for Amsterdam. The city tries its best when it comes to treating visitors. This became clear over the years, making Amsterdam one of the busiest holiday locations in Europe. Annually, over four million tourists come to the Dutch capital. A well-developed infrastructure is mandatory if a city wants to ensure the relaxation of visitors. Amsterdam has everything necessary to salute this many visitors. In the city, 350 hotels with nearly 20,000 rooms [...]

Calgary airfares

Calgary is well connected by the airways. Air Canada is the carrier, which is most popular amongst the passengers and a common choice for air transportation to the Calgary International Airport (YYC). This airport is situated 17 km from the downtown core and offers nonstop flights to various important cities within Canada, Europe and United States. With 12.5 million passengers and with 246,370 aircraft movements in 2008, this is Canada’s third busiest airport. Airfares are always a matter [...]

Cozumel airfares

If you would like to sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy the beautiful bay, than the Ambar’s and the Havana Club are the places for you. If you change your mind and you are looking for some fun you should try the Fat Tuesdays, Carlos and Charles or the Senor Frog’s. There are three bars, which are very popular mainly among the youth of the city and the tourists, where you can dance even to music played by live bands. These are the Moby Dick’s, the Viva Mexico and the Neptunos. [...]

Fredericton airfares

Fredericton enjoys a humid continental type of climate. However, its inland location makes it susceptible to relative extremes of temperature. Its average January and July temperatures are respectively -16°C and 27°C. Flooding frequently occurs during the spring season owing to the over 1,100 mm of rainfall that the city annually receives. You might choose to factor these climatic details in planning your tour to Fredericton, and avoid the seasonal extreme temperatures that you might [...]

Grand Forks airfares

Great Forks was founded by Alexander Griggs in 1870. In earlier days, Great Forks was entirely dependent on agriculture. Lately, the city has developed in education, medical facilities, research, defense and manufacturing. The meeting point of the Red River and the Red Lake River proved to be an important trading area for the Native Americans. The University of North Dakota is the oldest institution, which owns the University village present in the country. The total area covered by Grand Forks [...]

Iron Mountain airfares

Iron Mountain, credited as one of the 13 urban spots in the huge mountain area, is a joy to be in. There are periodic verdant spots maintained to keep the city always smiling in between providing shelter to over 9,000 people. The city, that found its niche in mining and the creation of the largest steam engine in the world, has the weather to please one and all. The ski jumping games, held every winter, is a specialty here, as it is the fifth best and biggest for the purpose. Then there are many [...]

Mexico City airfares

The Mexico City is filled with historical landmarks and buildings. This city is also known as the City of Palaces, this is because of the large number of buildings. As a matter of fact this is city which has world’s largest number of museums. The landmarks which make this city popular are Plaza de la Constitucion also known as Zocalo which is one of the largest squares in the whole world. Cathedral is the biggest one in the Americas which is full filled with gold. The Angel de la [...]

Modesto airfares

Throughout the entire month of June 2009, you are going to find everything right from the street fairs to the classic car parades, showing and concerts of American Graffiti as we are going to celebrate Graffiti Summer. Modesto is located in the center of one of the nation’s greatest agricultural areas. There is an option for you to taste the “Modesto” in the Farmers Market. Again, you can also get your hands on the several fresh products stand in the area. Most of the gardens [...]

Waco airfares

The state of Texas is famous for its laidback attitude. Dallas and Austin all are pretty serene and so is the city that falls almost in their middle: Waco. Waco has a very meager population with ordinate infrastructure for the hospitality sector. Waco Downtown, meanwhile, has emerged as one of the prime spots in the country for fun and frolic. Plush with malls and restaurants that serve unique cuisines and a dash of pubs and clubs to bring life to the atmosphere, this is in stark contrast to the [...]

Washington airfares

Not so far from the Capitol you can find the obelisk built to commemorate the first president of the US, George Washington. This 169-meter tall sand-colored stone structure got its name from George Washington, just like the city itself. The Lincoln Memorial is very popular among tourists. Influenced by the Temple of Zeus, this memorial has a large Lincoln statue, measuring six by six meters in height and width. This building is featured on the back of the five-dollar bill. Three other US dollar [...]


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