Bangalore airfares, India (BLR)

Bangalore airfares, India (BLR)

Bangalore, India airfares

Bangalore, India

Bangalore is one of the largest and most important cities in India. Its population of over five million makes it the third largest city in the country, while its metro area has a population of over 6.3 million, which is the fifth largest in this Asian country. It’s also expected to surpass several cities, because the population of Bangalore shows a growth of well over 30 percent every 10 years.

The city played an important role in the economical and industrial life of India since the mid 19th century, being a colonial capital. Today many industries are represented here and numerous renowned companies’ headquarters are situated here.

The city has a salubrious climate, causing very high temperatures throughout the year. April is the hottest month of the year having an average high temperature of over 33 °C, while even during January, the coolest month, temperatures are above 15 °C. It’s worth mentioning that the recorded lowest temperature in Bangalore was 7.8 °C. The wettest period of the year is between August and October, but the summer heats are also moderated by thunderstorms.

Because of the high demand on March 23, 2008, an airport opened near the city. This is the Bengaluru International Airport, which connects the Indian city to many major world cities, such as Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London and Paris. This high tech airport is capable of handling over ten million passengers annually. The fully air conditioned terminal is completed by many duty free shops, and the transportation between the city and the airport is realized by many buses and cabs. It can also handle the A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world, which is a big advantage over many airports.

Beside the seamless connection of the airport with the city, transportation in Bangalore is also known because one more feature, the presence of tuk tuk. These are the auto rickshaws, which are very popular in this region. In fact, these are the motorized versions of the Cycle rickshaw, which are the most popular transportation means in South and East Asia.

The city has several nicknames, including Silicon Valley of India and Garden City of India. The first nickname was given to the city because it is the home of many electronic and IT companies, while the latter because it has expanded green areas.

While you are going about the city, you can see many public parks. Among the largest ones in Bangalore are the Cubbon Park and the Lal Bagh. The latter is also a botanical garden and has more than a thousand different species of flora. Many of these are rare ones and were acquired from famous botanical gardens around the world. The glass house is one of the top attractions of this park. Today it is a popular tourist destination in Bangalore. Beside the flower shows, held several times throughout the year, this park hosts the biweekly Janapada Jaatre. This is a folk fare and features different performances of dance and music.

The Cubbon Park is another much-visited park in Bangalore. In the recent years an aquarium and a doll museum was added to the existing attractions. It also has a stage, where amateur and professional musicians are performing frequently. A children’s park section, a restaurant and many mobile shops are present to serve you. It is recommended for everyone who visits Bangalore to visit the Bannerghatta National Park too. Besides the many attractions offered by this park, there is the most popular one: the White Tiger.

These are also popular locations during the Diwali, which is a major religious festival in India and Nepal. Hindus, Jains and Sikhs also hold it around the world and it is known as the Festival of Light. During this celebration of the victory of good over evil, the locals decorate their homes with lights. The end of this festival is marked by large firework shows. It is held at different times each year, in 2008 being held on October 28, while in the year after on October 17.

Because of the presence of several major IT companies, both the life quality and the lifestyle of Bangalore changed. The new workplaces mean higher salaries, which mean that more money is spent for leisure and entertainment. Because of this, several shopping malls were built in the city, such as Bangalore Central and The Guarda. The first is a large shopping mall, part of a chain present across India, and has a large number of eateries and restaurants, besides other attractions. Besides these modern and huge shopping centers, it’s recommended to visit less modernized areas of the city too, where you can find the famous tea stalls. Here you can find out what are the tumbler and the davaraa, both related to the tea tradition.

The city is renowned for its cuisine. Countless restaurants and food vendors offer the best specialties of the regional cuisine. One such place is the Darshini, which are restaurants offering unique dishes made of seafood. Lentil is a very popular body for dishes, being the main ingredient of both sambar and vada. You can find a place to eat a delicious dish whenever you want, because many restaurants and cafes are open 24/7. Of course, international cuisine is also present in the city. One of the best-known foreign foods is the shawarma, an Arab specialty.

Bangalore is also known because of the large number of bars present in the city. It is frequently called the Pub Capital of India, which is not false, because there are more than 200 bars throughout the city. The most popular bars and nightclubs of the city are the Firangi Pani, the Hypnos, the Sky Lounge and the Tamarind Tree.

Today Bangalore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, which is clear, because the large number of attractions the city has to offer.


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