Seattle airfares, Washington (SEA)

Seattle airfares, Washington (SEA)

Seattle, Washington airfares

Seattle: Vibrant, Picturesque & Delightful Hub

Overview of Seattle

Seattle is the most populated city in the US state of Washington. It instantly evokes memories among past visitors to this “Gateway to Alaska” of hectic traffic, in the backdrop of a lush growth of evergreen trees. It is this luxuriant foliage that has rewarded Seattle with its present official sobriquet of the Emerald City. However, there is much more to associate and remember with Seattle, as we shall soon see.

The city of Seattle is located in King County, and is its county seat. Seattle is an important financial, educational and cultural hub. It is a coastal city and a prime seaport, situated on a neck of land midway between Lake Washington and Puget Sound. The MSA has been graded the 17th out of 363 MSAs in the nation for its high per capita income.

If as a tourist, you are impressed by the erudite atmosphere within Seattle, you can put it down as natural, considering that Seattle has consistently ranked as the most literate US city in the last few years. The US Census Bureau testifies that over half of the entire above-25 population of Seattle is decorated with at least a graduate’s degree.

Seattle Air Transportation and Airfares

Seattle is extremely well connected by various means of transport. Its additional nickname of the Jet City owing to the Boeing Aircraft Company should indicate this partly. You can access the city by its port just as easily. Seattle also has a vast network of bus services. Convenient rail routes link the city to its suburbs. Despite all these transportation links, the sheer population of the city renders among the heaviest congestion on its traffic routes that any US city witnesses.

Besides taking cheap flights to Seattle using Seattle/Tacoma, the city can also be reached by Seattle/Tacoma Lake Union {LKE}. You can study several available options of cheap airfares to this attractive regional hub. Alternatively, you might consider a cheap airfare to a neighboring Washington airport, take cheap airfares to Port Angeles or Lopez Island and then enjoy driving it down to the city. Again, there are cheap flights from Washington DC to Seattle also available.

What to See in Seattle

The city has a bewildering array of attractions to entice its visitors with. The most popular of the tourist hotspots include Olympic National Park and Space Needle. The lovers of museums can choose from several museums and may be delighted with visits to Klondike Gold Rush Museum, Seattle Art Museum, or the Museum of Flight. There are numerous other delights to warm the hearts of visitors of different hues.

Nightlife in Seattle

Nightlife in Seattle will pose a problem of sorts to tourists to the Emerald City, but that will be a pleasant problem of plenty. Yes, this cultural hub in the heart of the nation has literally hundreds of active, exciting and alluring options for enjoyable night entertainment. It may be tough for you to decide whether you might be better off foraying at Latona Pub or Linda’s Tavern, at Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub or Norm’s Eatery and Ale House, or at Hazlewood or Chez Shea. You aren’t likely to be helped by the over 650 nightlife joints competing for your attention and presence. However, you can rest assured of ample nocturnal fun in any area of your choice in Seattle.


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